10 Essentials If You’re Redecorating For Eid 2022

A comprehensive guide for Eid decor

Fondly termed as meethi Eid even in the sophisticated era of 2022, Eid ul Fitr is by far the most-awaited and exciting festival for Muslims globally. Shopping and preparations begin months before Ramadan. People plan to redecorate their homes to make the best of this auspicious occasion with loved ones. Falling short on ideas for redecoration? Here’s how you can add some spark to your sweet home:

  • A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Give your lounge and drawing room a new look through cheerful shades. A combination of dark and light colors on alternative walls looks quite chic. Summers sizzle with reds, peaches, and pastel glows. Your Eid extravaganza at home is bound to be a super hit!

  • Vibrant Window Fabrics 

Well-chosen curtains, drapes or window blinds bring about a major difference to any room and add a gentle tint and motif to your house’s decor. You can choose between a bright hue for an inspiring contrast or a dashing patterned design to enliven your rooms. Surprise all your Eid guests!

  • Comfortable Seating

From relaxing multi-pieces to contemporary mid-century sofas, your living or drawing room is incomplete without them. You can also modify your existing sofas by getting stylish new covers for them. Get your wooden chairs and stools polished as well for a splash of style. Throw in plush cushions to rest against during the nonstop chatter on Eid!

  • Fancy Tableware

Pamper yourselves and your near and dear ones by buying exquisite crockery, stylish drinking glasses, shiny cutlery, graceful tablecloths, and fine napkins. Enhance your Eid lunches and dinners with beautifully decorated dining tables. Stylishly served food tastes ten times better!

  • Home Theater 

Huddled together with your favorite cousins and/or best friends, watch a comedy movie or a beloved family member’s wedding video after dinner on Eid to bring back precious memories. If you don’t already own a home theater, now is the perfect time to buy one!

  • Bright Lights

Illuminate your Eid gatherings through brilliant light arrangements at home. The old-fashioned yellow bulbs can conveniently be replaced with energy-saving tube lights and bulbs. Neon lights, LED lights, strip lights, brass lights, various lovely lamps, and shades can elegantly be installed or placed at different points of your house to give it a gorgeous look!

  • Candles And Aromatizers

The gentle aroma filling the ambiance around you on Eid sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Grab some perfumed candles (both regular and floating ones) and place them on coffee tables, side tables, or in the middle of your dining table. Aromatizers are best suited for room corners and the breezy points of your house. The most sought fragrances in both candles and aromatizers are lavender, bitter orange, garden rose, lily, and white musk.

  • Delicate Vases & Indoor Plants

Add depth to your abode and awaken your senses by placing lovely vases filled with fresh flowers all over your house. Eid calls for celebration and no celebration is complete without bouquets! Be it roses, lilies, carnations, marigolds, or a combination of several kinds and whether you receive or gift them, flowers are an expression of endearment and joy from loved ones. You can even place indoor plants like Malaysian palm trees in brass pots at the entrance and corridors of your house.

  • Camera Or Handycam

Eid and memories go hand in hand because it is a commemorative event where family and friends assemble to create more moments and memories to cherish throughout the year. Don’t forget to buy an HD camera or Handycam to capture all your dawats and priceless moments. 

  • Kitchen Accessories

If you feel that you haven’t paid attention to your kitchen in a while and that it’s high time you updated it, Eid is surely the perfect time! Buy some sensational kitchenware like fancy cutlery, a cute cooling rack, mixing bowls, serving bowls, chopping boards, food containers, gorgeous water bottles, colorful place mats, smart trolleys, citrus squeezers, a nice knife sharpener, dry fruit jars, kitchen utensil sets, adorable salt and pepper shakers, the latest saucepans, and so much more to sizzle your wonderful kitchen.

On that note, start planning a shopping spree with your friends or family and even look into your crockery cupboards and units to fish out forgotten jahez items. Do not overspend in excitement on something unnecessary. Utilize what you have and be thankful. Bring out the hidden interior designer in yourselves. There’s no place like home!

Written by Amna Hamid

Effie Award-winning Marketer | SEO Content Writer | Social Media Manager