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Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan Worth Your Money

Best Makeup Brand

Some new local and famous international makeup brands have come to Pakistan in the last decade. Pakistanis now have top companies available. Unlike in the past, you will find many renowned international makeup brands in Pakistan. These brands provide products approved by the leading dermatologists in the world. Now, you don’t have to ask your relatives or friends to bring makeup items for you from abroad.

Local makeup brands in Pakistan hold a significant share of the market. Local companies have the edge as their products are less expensive than multinational brands. Being the affordable makeup brands in Pakistan, some local companies are even considered the best makeup brands in Pakistan as they offer high-quality products for all types of skin. If you are looking for the top makeup brands you can get in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. This article contains a list of the best makeup brands in Pakistan and the best cosmetic brands in Pakistan with prices.

List of the best makeup brands in Pakistan in 2022

  • Christine Cosmetic
  • Beautify by Amna
  • Maybelline
  • Masarrat Misbah
  • Rivaj UK
  • Kryolan
  • Medora
  • Loreal
  • NYX
  • Miss Rose

Christine Cosmetic

Christine Cosmetic is a local brand with a massive collection of nail polishes, blushes, contour kits, glowing serums, lipsticks, and foundations. One of the various top Christine Cosmetic bases is its pancake base, which is loved by many women around the country and makes it part of the top makeup brands in Pakistan.

The cosmetic company also claims that its products are entirely Halal and no component originating from animals is used in any makeup item. There is no official site of the brand where you can get their products. Its makeup items can easily be bought from nearby stores or eCommerce sites. Christine Cosmetic makeup brushes price in Pakistan is around Rs. 3500 per 23 pieces.

Beautify by Amna

Beautify by Amna is another very well-renowned local makeup brand in Pakistan. It is also one of the best cosmetics brands in Pakistan with prices. Some famous products from BBA are makeup brushes, foundations, Serums, Concealers, Face Masks, Powder, etc.

Beautify by Amna Foundations are most popular among other items from the brands. The cosmetic brand is also known as BBA by Suleman on its official site and Social media. Beautify by Amna sale is currently going on in which you get a 70% flat discount on its products. You can buy any product by placing an order on its official site.

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One of the best international makeup brands in Pakistan, Maybelline, is also available in the country. Its advertisements are famous for featuring top American models like Gigi Hadid. Maybelline New York may be the most expensive makeup brand on this list.

Multinational Makeup and Cosmetic giant produces almost every single product for its customers around the globe. Some famous products from Maybelline in Pakistan are Lipsticks, Makeup Brushes, Eye Makeup, and hydrating & Liquid Foundation. Maybelline Foundation’s price in Pakistan is from Rs. 500 to Rs.1000 or even more.

Maybelline Mascaras are also widely loved by females. You will find at least one Maybelline product in the vanity bag of every fashionista. Maybelline Pakistan does not have an official site, but you can buy its products from other online and local stores.

Masarrat Misbah

Masarrat Misbah is a big name in Pakistan’s fashion world. She also owns one of the best local makeup brands in Pakistan. The brand offers creative makeup products, and its silk foundation comes at the top because it is long-lasting, smooth, and available in a variety of tones that are ideal for the skin tones of this region.

Silk Foundation by Masarrat Misbah leaves a natural appearance and satin matte finish that works for average to dry skin types. You can buy it from the official site of Masarrat Misbah, and It costs around Rs 3,000.

Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK is another one of the best affordable makeup brands in Pakistan. Its high quality and low prices help it fall on the list of top makeup brands in Pakistan. It offers a bundle of cosmetics, including lipsticks, foundations, mascaras, concealer, compact powder, eyeliner, and much more.

Their crushed highlighters and blushes give your appearance a final touch, and their nail polish, lipsticks, and eye shadows are available in a range of hues. The products from Rivaj UK are both affordable and durable. Rivaj UK makeup items are easy to find in any nearby store.


Kryolan is an international brand from the list of best cosmetic brands in Pakistan. However, their products are quite expensive. Krylon users are considered bright and bold. Like many others, this cosmetics company has a sizable fan base in Pakistan. You can’t avoid the gorgeous and well-liked Kryolan Eyelashes, no matter how hard you try.

The most popular Krylon cosmetics item is its TV Paint Stick Foundation. The makeup brand is known for providing the best finish for the camera. Therefore many TV artists use makeup from Krylon.


Medora comes in the list of top favorite cosmetic brands in Pakistan, originating from the city of Swat. The Pakistan-based brand sells matte, semi-matte, and glossy lipsticks in a variety of hues. You may receive your preferred color for the lowest cost, whether you want a full glam appearance or a natural one. Medora’s products are highly pigmented and they don’t stick.

The quality of Medora lipsticks is as high as any top-selling international brand. These lipsticks are easily available in Pakistan because consumers love them. The Medora lipstick price in Pakistan is around Rs. 200.


Loreal also comes in the list of the best international cosmetic brands in Pakistan. The brand offers all types of creative makeup products. Loreal Paris makeup has everything: Face masks, Face wash, mascaras, lip glosses, lipsticks, serums, foundation, and hair products like shampoo, conditioners, hair masks, heat protection sprays, etc.

Loreal makeup items are widely in the country. It also produces high-quality makeup brushes. Loreal makeup brushes prices in Pakistan will vary on what type of brush you are looking to buy.


NYX is another world-famous makeup brand. It is also a strong contender in the race for the best makeup brands in Pakistan. NYX offers products of outstanding quality and lovely tints while reasonably priced. They include eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick products that are ideal for folks who want to play around with vivid shades and intense pigments.

NYX makeup items are a bit challenging to find in the local market, but there are online stores that sell their products at very reasonable prices. Some other NYX makeup items accessible to Pakistanis are Lipcolors, Matte Finish Setting Spray, Glow Liquid Illuminator, Shadow Pallet, and mascara.

Miss Rose

Due to its affordability and superior product quality, Miss Rose has long been among the favorite cosmetic brands in Pakistan. Its products are part of the makeup kit of every woman in Pakistan. Although it sells a wide range of cosmetics, its colorful lipsticks, mascaras, and kajal are its most celebrated items.

Many fashionistas use and recommend products from Miss Rose, by making them their go-to picks for regular consumption. Its products are relatively more affordable than most of its competitors. Pakistan. Customers can easily find its products online and in local stores. Miss Rose’s lipstick price in Pakistan is around Rs. 200.


The article brings you the 10 best makeup brands in Pakistan in 2022. The selection of these companies in this list is based on a few factors, including their performance in the market, Quality, and prices.