Digiskills | How To Learn From Digiskills And Find Freelance Work




Why Digiskills?

Digiskills is an online enrollment program that offers courses in recommended digital skills. Inaugurated by the Government of Pakistan as a signal of hope and innovation, the professionals behind Digiskills aim to help our youth develop succinct skills to be able to work as freelancers.


Freelancing via digiskills


As you can see, almost a million people have signed up and enrolled in different courses on the Digiskills website. The current batch has already welcomed a quarter-million new students, so that number will eventually cross the million mark.

In terms of financial partnerships and capacity building, Digiskills has partnered with PTCL, Engro, UNDP, and some recognized academic institutions. In essence, the platform aims to:

  • Enhance the number of freelancers in the country.
  • Enhance the work opportunities for the youth who are already working as freelancers.
  • Enhance the income of the freelancers per hour.
  • Enhance the income of every family.
  • Spread the exports of IT to the whole world.
  • Enhance the number of IT experts in the country.


Digiskills | Featurette


  • With the help of Digiskills, the government will develop the Web-Portal and Learning Management System.
  • Digiskills is set to provide online training to almost one million people.
  • Digiskills will cover the areas of freelancing as well as other specialized courses.
  • At the platform of Digiskills, the trainee can easily get the audio/video content set by the highly qualified as well as the specialist.
  • Digiskills provides the opportunity to build a direct connection between the trainee and instructor to enable convenient discussion of the important areas.
  • Digiskills’ monitoring and evaluation of the progress of a trainee will set the data and reports.
  • Digiskills program makes sure of the availability of the Web-portal and Learning Management system to the trainee 24/7.
  • Digiskills offers coordination among the students to enhance the quality of progress.



with Virtual University’s symbolic online teaching habits, Digiskills offers the following courses:

A process for increasing quality and quantity of web-traffic by maxing visibility to users of any web search engines (like Google!).


This course teaches students about the essence of supervised marketing techniques, without the hassle of going through the core concepts in detail. Candidates are taught about various business processes, creating and maintaining relationships, customer care and e-commerce.


This program trains an individual who is self-employed and does not intend to commit to a specific employer in the long-term.

The Quick Book package contains required software for practice and execution.


This course teaches writing and writing techniques. Narrative craft is already pre-defined, so the student doesn’t get confused with the types.



As a common question arising in most individuals, it is almost straightforward to answer a few things without encouraging any delays. According to Digiskills:




Like a flurry of impending anxiety, the following FAQs will surely offer some relaxation:

  • Digiskills is an open-sourced platform that offers training for FREE. You just have to sign up for an upcoming batch and well, that’s it. Study without worrying about a penny to spend!
  • All videos and learning material is available on the Digiskills Online Learning Platform.
  • If you are already a freelancer, you can still sign up on Digiskills and learn a few extras. That won’t hurt you, right?
  • As of now, there are a total of 10 courses being offered in the program. If you have enrolled in an upcoming batch, you’ll be able to take up a maximum of two courses at a time.



If you’re thinking about signing up, this FAQ might be for you:

  1. How can I signup and enroll in the courses offered by the training program?

After signing up, you’ll be prompted to follow given instructions. When your batch is next line, you will be notified of the timings for the courses you’ve picked. To fully assist you, an LMS portal has been dedicated to occupy your course curriculum and video links. Don’t forget to check up on them!



Well folks, there you have it. This article explains How To Learn Through Digiskills. When you’ve learned enough, you’ll find freelance work accordingly. Have some patience and stay posted!


Written by Ahsan Gardezi