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How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program Online

How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program Online

The Kamyab Jawan Program was launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan as an unemployment substitute. This plan offers financial and technical assistance to individuals who are looking to establish their businesses for an innovative product they might have been working on.

Within 3 days preceding the program launch, the Kamyab Jawan Program logged more than 200,000 applications from all over Pakistan. Since majority of the people are still facing problems with the application process, this article acts as a guide for completing the application form.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for How to Apply for Kamyab Jawan program online. Read on!

Visit the Official Site!

Visit the official site for Kamyab Jawan Program Portal. Once getting there, apply for the loan.

Scroll down the page a bit; you’ll find a Read More button below the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES). This option will guide you to the next page:

How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program Online

Click/Press on Apply Online For Loan:

How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program Online

In the next window, a form will appear. Click on the OK button to proceed further. There will be a Disclaimer note etched across it; go through it carefully and prepare accordingly:

How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program Online

When filling this form, keep the following points in your mind:

  • Fill the form with your original CNIC number and correct Issuance date. Id incorrect values are inserted, your application will not be processed on grounds of false verification
  • Fill info in all required sections provided; as the form shows, all fields are mandatory.
  • When the form has been completely filled, Proceed to Step 2. You’ll be led to an affidavit; read it carefully:

How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program Online

In the end, fill the form, submit as guided, and await your turn. All completed and submitted applications will be processed within 25-30 working days.

This was all about How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program Online. If you have any questions, hit me up with a comment. Share among friends

Good luck!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi


    • Thank you for your comment Ayesha!
      If possible (or required), provide CNIC number of registered Guardian, or visit the following link and provide details accordingly.
      As the page will show, you’re only required to provide your own CNIC number; however if prompted, provide details of next of kin or registered Guardian. For confirmation:

    • Please refer to procedure mentioned in this article.
      For more information, contact government reps looking after this service.
      Good luck!

  1. Application form is not opening i am trying from last week can you help out me how to open application form