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How To Check Availability Of Ventilator For COVID Patients Online

In a recent statistical observation, only 2 in 16 patients recovered from coronavirus when put on ventilators. Given the urgent requirement for medical machines in Pakistan, a few developments are currently underway. Here’s how to check availability of ventilator for COVID patients online.

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Pak Nigehbaan | NCOC Launches App To Track Ventilator Availability

With COVID-19 cases nearing the 150,000-mark, the need of ventilators has drastically increased all over Pakistan. The National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) has launched ‘Pak Nigehbaan’, an application that gives information regarding the availability of ventilators across the country.

The aim of the app is to assist in informing healthcare workers, emergency responders and citizens, about the availability of ventilators and beds in their vicinity.

Pak Nigehbaan is available on mobile app stores, Google Drive and

Hygienic shield protecting from virus, germs and bacteria.

In addition, the NCOC has also launched the Resource Management System (RMS).

The RMS will sync 15,459 hospitals all over Pakistan and help respective provinces in assessing medical facilities.


Who Gets The Ventilator & Who Doesn’t | How To Check Availability Of Ventilator For COVID Patients Online

If the coronavirus pandemic causes a shortage of ventilators, who will be attached to these potentially life-saving machines and who won’t?

This is the grim question doctors around the world are currently grappling with. Doctors in Bergamo, northern Italy, have said that “older patients are not being resuscitated and die alone” because hospital resources are so overstretched with cases.

“Most of the hospital beds have already taken by patients, limiting our ability to handle the influx of COVID-19 cases, mainly in the big cities,” Dr Faiyaz Alam, an office-bearer of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), commented in a press briefing.

Home to more than 15 million people, Karachi’s 15 government, private, and charitable hospitals are dealing with coronavirus patients. The number of ventilators in those hospitals, according to official figures, is 136.

Just 539 beds and 200 ventilators are available for coronavirus patients in Lahore, according to Yasmeen Rashid, health minister Punjab.

So, how do we decide who gets to be on a ventilator? The country is bracing itself for an impending COVID-19 peak, which will shake our healthcare system to the core.

Download the NCOC application for your smartphone and stay updated about the latest info on healthcare instruments in general.

This article was all about how to check availability of ventilator for COVID patients online. As of yet, there hasn’t been any significant development to help tackle the shortage of medical supplies.

Good luck and stay safe!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi