How to Check CNIC Verification Online and Via SMS

A brief guide to verify your citizenship

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced a facility named “NADRA SMS Tracking and Verification Service” that checks and verifies every adult Pakistani. It’s very beneficial because you can check your eligibility anywhere and any time without being physically present, hence saving a lot of time. Whether you reside abroad or in Pakistan, your NADRA CNIC and all other identification documents will be delivered to your doorstep. Before getting acquainted with how to check CNIC verification online, you need to know some facts.

NADRA broadcasts awareness SMS messages to the masses via numbers like 8300, 8400, 8500, 7000, 9777, and 9888. Thus, do not ignore such messages as they will inform you about various government health programs, NADRA verification messages, and other important information. They’ll also aid you with issues like getting identity proof and receiving the government’s help during times of stress. Simply follow the guidelines provided below and avail all the services:

How To Verify Citizenship Online?

1. Open the official NADRA website.

2. Hit ‘Create a New Account’.

3. Fill out the form with details like your name, mobile number, date of birth, etc.

4. Click on ‘save and continue’.

5. You’ll be sent a verification code via email or text.

6. Enter the code and hit ‘Verify’.

7. You’ll be redirected to the login page.

8. Log in to avail of all the services.

How to Check CNIC NADRA Verification Online?

1. After logging in, select the “I have read and accept the terms and conditions” box by clicking on it. This will accept the terms and conditions of the services.

2. Then click on “Accept and Continue”.

3. Now you’ll see various options on your screen like ‘Applying for CNIC online’, ‘Family Registration Certificate’, and ‘Verisys Services’.

4. Hit ‘Verisys Services’.

CNIC Verification

5. Next, you’ll have to fill your account by using your credit/debit card or by utilizing the ‘NADRA e-Sahulat’ service.

6. Fill in the necessary details after paying the fee.

7. Then sign the declaration.

8. You’ll be able to access all the information now.

How To Check CNIC Verification Via SMS?

Each number is unique and holds a different function. The official code 7000 is the helpline number for CNIC NADRA verification or citizen verification in Pakistan.

  1. Open the SMS application on your mobile phone.
  2. Write your CNIC number without a hyphen (-).
  3. Send to 7000.
  4. You’ll receive all the required information within seconds like this:
  • CNIC name
  • CNIC number
  • DOB
  • Issuance and expiry date
  • Owner’s address.

Millions of people are benefiting from this convenient initiative by NADRA. This facility helps you bypass waiting queues and physical presence. Have you learned how to complete CNIC verification? Comment below!

Written by Amna Hamid

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