How To Find Investment Opportunities In Pakistan

How To Find Investment Opportunities In Pakistan

A good businessman is constantly on the lookout for the latest ways to make more money. Some may prefer investing capital into assets for big returns. The smart ones, however, consider an innovative approach to generate more wealth personally. The catch is to diversify your income stream and achieve a better ROI as compared to standard businesses. Let’s learn how to find investment opportunities in Pakistan.

How To Find Investment Opportunities In Pakistan

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The great thing about investing is the range of assets and sectors you can put your money in. From crypto trading to investing in stocks or Forex, there are numerous ways to go about it.

Regardless of how many times you switch from one marketplace to another, having a keen eye for opportunities is essential. This trait often helps people make more money, and avoid losing investments on a bad hunch!

Switch Between Markets | How To Find Investment Opportunities In Pakistan

A good tip to begin with is to simply expand your investment horizons a little. It is very tempting to follow the crowd and stick to well-known routes such as investing in PSX, or getting into bonds.

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While there is nothing wrong with this per se, it can limit the opportunities on offer.
This is where everyone else is looking as well!

Try looking further afield. For instance, Pakistan’s big pharma is keen to partner with local companies in the East to run clinical trials on their behalf. This has allowed the sector to really take off in recent times and is a great example of how expanding your investment horizons can allow more opportunities to appear.

Prepare A Feasible Report

Whether you trade stocks or currency or anything else in-between, being able to analyse chart data is key.

How To Find Investment Opportunities In Pakistan

All sectors – pretty much – show price movements of investable assets in suitable chart formats. This makes it easier to read and track values and trends over time.

Spotting good investment opportunities is often about:

  • Having the skills to look at price movement charts
  • Analyzing charts properly
  • Using acquired analysis to find decent opportunities to take

Of course, being able to read charts properly will allow you to see which investments to skip! Many investors use indicators – like average price movement – on-screen for assistance. However, you still need to understand what the chart’s telling you.

Note: If you’re interested in Pakistan Stock Exchange or stock options, visit their official site for more detail!

On The Lookout For The Right Opportunity

It goes without saying of course, but finding an ideal investment is vital to your success.

Your research is important, and the marketplace is a learning ground for everyone. For many investors, the process of finding worthy investments is very tricky. At the end of the day, due-diligence and fact-checking are a priority routine for investors before risking cash. Adapt to habits that inspire discipline and generate a motivational sense of productivity.

Regularly Check News! | How To Find Investment Opportunities In Pakistan

One of the best – and simplest – investment tips is to keep an eye on the global financial news.

How To Find Investment Opportunities In Pakistan

Although you wouldn’t want to blindly jump on every reported trend, or overreact to breaking stories, this will help get the gist for opportunities which are worth your interest. Often, they’d be investments in markets you normally don’t look at, or would not have come across otherwise.

Research reports, follow market trends regarding products that interest you, then navigate towards your almost perfect routine for generating a streamlined cashflow!

A Few Investment Ideas For Opportunities In Pakistan

Investment Type Money Needed to Start the Investment Return on Investment
1. Real Estate As low as Rs. 10 lac Variable. It can start at 16%
2. Peer to Peer Lending As low as Rs. 10,000 Variable
3. Investment in Stocks As low as Rs. 10 The average return is 10%. However, it can differ
4. Invest in Banks and Investment Companies As low as Rs. 10,000 Variable
5. Gold Rs. 93,400 for one tola Variable
6. Forex As low as Rs. 1000 Variable
7. Bonds As low as Rs. 100 Rs. 700,000
8. 3D Printing As low as Rs. 150,000 Variable
9. Savings Account As low as Rs.500 Variable (4.15% to 11%)
10. Retirement Plans Depends on your company policy Variable
11. Invest in your Skills No to minimum Variable, depending on your skillset
12. Certificate of Deposit As low as Rs.500 Variable


Well, there you have it! This was all about how to find investment opportunities in Pakistan. If you have any questions, leave a comment in the section provided below.

Good luck!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi