Top 5 Eyeliners of 2022 Available in Pakistan

Top 5 Eyeliners

The best eyeliner glides over the eyelid and waterline exactly to achieve dramatic smokey eyes or retro-winged eyeliner. With the lousy eyeliner, You may practically say goodbye to any stylish cat-eye look if the eyeshadow is too dry, vague, short-lived, or just too smudgy. High-quality eyeliner can produce jaw-dropping results in a single stroke. The list below consists of the top 5 eyeliners you can easily buy from a nearby shop or online store. You need a good eyeliner for accurate water lines and tight lash definition. So, look for one that is simple to apply. Choose a pigment that applies smoothly and holds its place the whole time.

Along with local makeup brands in Pakistan, many international companies are also running their operations. You will find many eyeliners offered by the best makeup brands in Pakistan. Before you get to the list, you first need to understand how you can pick the right eyeliner for yourself.

How to Pick the Right Eyeliner?

Here, you will learn what criteria have been used to shortlist the best top 5 eyeliners. This will help you if you are given a limited number of options in eyeliners, and you have to choose from them. If you are new to this whole thing and have never used eyeliner before, it is better to go with a pencil liner. These are easy to apply and allow you to leave a little margin for mistakes. Once you become an expert in pencil eyeliner, you can move to liquid eyeliners.

Here are a few things to consider while selecting the Eyeliner:

  • Skin Tone:

When buying makeup products, including Eyeliners, you must keep your skin tone in mind. You need to get something that complements the other facial features. For instance, you don’t want to look old and harsh by wearing liquid black eyeliner with a fair skin tone.

  • Natural Eye Color:

Another critical factor that needs to be considered is that you select eyeliner that enhances the natural color of your eyes. The secret to making the color of those peepers stand out when it comes to eyeliner and eye color is the usage of contrasting colors.

  • Occasion:

This point is important, even with basic makeup products. You should get ready according to the event. A casual woman can instantly become glamorous with the right eyeliner and vice versa!

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Types of Eyeliners

Types of Eyeliners

There are several types of eyeliners, including Pencil eyeliner, Liquid eyeliner, Felt-tip eyeliner, and Gel eyeliner. These eyeliners can have glitter or any other reflective particles and are available in all shades and finishes. A decade ago, you may not have thought of all these options that you see nowadays. After the makeup revolution, every new day brings a new lineup of creative makeup products.

Additionally, there are different liners for the waterline, upper and lower lids. If you use one for everything, that may irritate you. The ideal way to apply any liner is with various brushes made specifically for different eyeliner looks and types. If it somehow confuses you, where can you get all these things? There are plenty of options for online eyeliner shopping in Pakistan.

Top 5 Eyeliners in Pakistan 2022

Finally, you have reached the point where you can make yourself aware of the top 5 eyeliners you can buy in your country. These eyeliners come from the best makeup brands in Pakistan. You can choose any of these as per your requirement and interest.

1. Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All-Day Ink Pen Liquid Eyeliner

Maybelline is one of the many international makeup brands in Pakistan. It is famous because of its high standards and variety of options. Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Ink Pen Liquid Eyeliner is a famous product because of its thin and firm tips. It is not only conveniently offered in cobalt and chestnut, but it is also waterproof and smudge-resistant

Its color intensity may not meet your requirements, but with the price tag it comes, it is the best product in this price range. It is a liquid eyeliner in 3 shades and is free of fragrance. Although Amazon is not available in Pakistan, you should know that Maybelline Ink Pen Liquid Eyeliner is the best eyeliner on amazon.

2. NYX Liquid Black Liner

NYX is another international brand that is easily found in stores in Pakistan. It produces top-class make up for its customers around the world. Among many eyeliners available, NYX Liquid black liner is the best quality eyeliner. It is known for being a long-lasting eyeliner. It is thin and comes in around 24 shades including black and white eyeliner.

The intense black shades of the eyeliner take just 40 to 50 seconds to dry. It is effortless to apply, and with just one swipe, it gives a dark coating. It provides a consistent matte eyeliner look for almost 5 hours. The eyeliner is not waterproof; therefore, you must be careful while wearing it.

3. Miss Rose Cake Eyeliner

Miss Rose is an old and well-known brand in Pakistan due to its affordability. You will find at least one product of this brand in every women’s makeup kit. Along with many other creative makeup products, Cake Eyeliner is famous in the country.

With just one brushstroke, Miss Rose Cake Eyeliner may transform your look from subtle definition to full-on glamorous looks. It is a stylish, timeless, and professional-grade item. Thanks to the long-lasting and smooth formula, your eyes will be covered in the perfect color. It remains on all day long and easily slides down your lash line.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

Among multiple International makeup brands in Pakistan, Charlotte Tilbury is loved by people for its amazing colorful eyeliners. The highly pigmented texture of the soft kohl liner by Charlotte Tilbury is a favorite of many because it applies smoothly, blends well right away, and dries quickly for long-lasting.

The intense color does not require to be applied multiple times. Also, applying it to the waterline and top lid without transfer is too facile. Because it is a little bit thicker if you compare it to any liquid and gel liners. The lines for the Kohl eyeliner pencil are chunkier. Those thick lines make it vulnerable to smudges, but once it dries out, it remains in place for many hours.

It is available in 8 shades which also includes white eyeliner. This eyeliner can last for almost 14 hours. Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eyeliner Pencil is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about anything after it dries.

5. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

An American makeup artist who launched the brand Bobbi Brown in 1980 by her name in partnership with her husband and friends. Bobbi left the company in 2016, and to bring a makeup revolution, she launched Beauty Evolution. Her old makeup brand, Bobbi Brown, is one of the best eyeliner brands in the market.

The gel liner in a vessel from Bobbi Brown will be your savior if pencil liners irritate your sensitive eyelids and liquid eyeliner leaves you with blotchy skin. You need to apply the creamy formula with the brush. With many options in brushes, you maneuver it into tricky spaces or paint on cat-eye wings without skipping. Once it dries, it gives a matte finish for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Many local to international makeup brands offer eyeliners, but this list contains the top 5 eyeliners of 2022 available in Pakistan. These eyeliners are available in every dedicated makeup store. Or you can also buy eyeliner online.