How to Keep Yourself Fit in this Lockdown

how to keep yourself fit in this lockdown

More than ever, due to the lockdowns, our daily routine has been greatly disrupted. The spread of coronavirus has restricted us to our homes. We cannot go to gyms, fitness centres and parks to keep ourselves fit and healthy. And working from homes means we are sitting more than we used to.  As we try to adjust to this new lifestyle, it is crucial for us to keep ourselves fit and healthy during this lockdown.

How to Keep Yourself Fit in this Lockdown

It is vital to recognize the significance of a strong immune system and good physical and mental health during the lockdown. So, what can we do to make most of this situation? Below are some of the ideas we have gathered on how to keep yourself fit in this lockdown.

How to Keep Yourself Fit in this Lockdown | Staying Physically Active

While working out in the gym and fitness centre is not an option, there are a lot of exercises you can do at home which will help you to stay fit and healthy. If you have a treadmill or exercise bike at home, you are already familiar with the at-home way of keeping fit. However, you can draft a workout plan yourself by doing the right amount of cardio by targeting each muscle through simple bodyweight exercises.

How to Keep Yourself Fit in this Lockdown

There are different fitness mobile apps like Nike Training Club, Adidas training, Aaptiv etc. that can help you to do these exercises the right way by showing you the timed clips of every exercise. These apps also create a weekly plan based on your settings and information that you’ve provided. You can use these apps to keep track of your fitness.

If you live in an area where going outside is allowed, then we would recommend you to go out for a walk, running or cycling session since those are the best exercise to ensure cardio-vascular fitness.

How to Keep Yourself Fit in this Lockdown

Try to do Yoga

Yoga is another great way to keep yourself fit during this lockdown. Yoga is good for both mental and physical health. It will not only burn your calories and tone your muscles, but also help you to relax and manage your stress better. There are different yoga exercises which you can do at home such as standing forward bend, lunge pose, plank pose etc. These are some of the easiest exercises you can do to stretch and strengthen your major muscles. You can learn these exercises by watching online fitness videos.

How to Keep Yourself Fit in this Lockdown

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Maintaining a Healthy Diet

During this lockdown, it is easy to find yourself eating constantly. For some people, snacking is just a habit of boredom and self-comfort. So, we recommend that you should set a meal plan that will help you maintain a healthy diet. Try to set the same diet plan that you would have if you were at work. This will ensure that you are eating healthy and regularly. You can eat healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits that can keep you nourished for longer periods.

healthy diet

Add vegetables, chicken and fresh juices to your meal plan. This will keep you healthy and help to maintain a stable blood sugar level. Also, eating in small portions throughout the day is likely to be more effective for those who wish to lose weight.

How to Keep Yourself Fit in this Lockdown | Sleep

Our sleep patterns have also been greatly disrupted as of late. Yes, it is quite tempting to stay up late at night and binge-watch movies, seasons or play games with your friends or solo. But, staying up late is affecting your mental and physical health without you realizing. A vast majority of people that suffer from severe depression and anxiety are said to have a terrible sleep routine.


Therefore, to keep yourself fit during the lockdown, it is imperative to maintain the proper sleep cycle and get a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep through the night as it can save you from having serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

These are some of the habits that will help you in keeping yourself fit during lockdown. If you have any query pertaining to this topic, let us know in the comments.

Written by Umer Zahid