How to Learn the English Language in the Most Effective Way

How to Learn the English Language

How to Learn the English Language in the Most Effective Way | The Main Points


  • By reading books and comics, you can learn English language quite efficiently.
  • Watch movies or listen to different podcasts to get better understanding of English language.
  • To learn it, you can hire a English language tutor as well.


Learning English is not an easy task but with the right method, you can learn it in a short amount of time. So what is the best method for learning English? There isn’t any single method. Every learner has different objectives and few of them are:

  • To communicate with people all around the world.
  • Getting better career prospects and business opportunities.
  • To get admission to reputable universities in the world.

How to Learn the English Language

So, the method for different learners will not be similar due to difference in objectives, environment and learning styles. Therefore, to say that there is only one method to learn English is not the right thing to say. Some people learn it by listening to songs, watching movies, and some by reading books.

Different steps to learning English

Now you know that there isn’t only one method to learn but there are some tools and techniques you can use to learn English most effectively. You can learn it on your own or you can join a coaching centre, it’s up to you. However, you must have grammar knowledge if you want to learn English. To learn English, there are some steps you need to follow which are given below:

  • Figuring out your learning needs
  • Setting up goals
  • Making a Schedule
  • Using different tools
  • Speaking English frequently
  • Surrounding yourself with other learners

These are some steps which are necessary for learning English and if you follow them you will learn it most effectively.

How to Learn the English Language

Figuring out your Learning needs

The first thing you need to ask from yourself is why you want to learn English. Is it for getting admission to a university abroad or a requirement for getting a desired job? It is up to you to figure out the needs then you can jump to the next step of learning the English language.

Setting up goals

To learn English, you must have to set a goal for it. When you set a goal and have it in mind, then you will work for it. There are some good goals and bad goals. Let’s say you want to learn the English language in the next 3 months then it is considered a good goal because you are mentioning the time with the goal. However, if you say that you just want to learn English then it isn’t the right goal to set because without setting a time you will get bored and will leave the learning process in the middle.

Making a Schedule

The next thing in this learning process is making a schedule. You have to create a plan and have to decide when you are going to study and how much time you are going to spend on different English skills. Try to make a plan for different English skills such as different practice sessions for reading writing, listening and speaking.

Using Different Tools

To learn English you can use the tools given below. It is up to you which learning resource you want to use. It is not compulsory to use any one of them, you can use all of them if you want.

Individual Tutoring

It is one of the best and fastest ways to learn the English language. With this individual tutoring, you will learn more efficiently. As tutor will prepare the lesson according to your aptitude, he or she will figure out the exact areas where you can improve. The lesson will be purely focused on the English skills you want to learn. There are some pros and cons of individual tutoring.


  • You will learn English effectively
  • All lessons are made according to your needs
  • Easy way to learn all the skills


  • Individual tutoring is expensive
  • You have to take time out from your busy schedule
  • It is intimidating for some people

Language Classes

It is another way to learn English and quite an effective one as well. You will interact with the teacher and fellow students regularly. With more interaction with fellow students, you can improve your English speaking skill. The more you interact, the more you will practice your speaking skills.


  • Not expensive as compared to individual tutoring
  • Interaction with fellow learners


  • You have to take out a specific time from your routine
  • Not the best way to learn all English skills

Online Coaching Classes

There are many online programs available on the internet and you can choose the one that satisfies your needs. It is just like individual tutoring.


  • Study whenever you want to
  • It is cheaper as well
  • You get all the lesson plans before the start of the course


  • The quality of online courses can significantly vary
  • People don’t get the exact motivation which they get from individual tutoring

Reading books

It is also a good way to learn English and your English skills can improve remarkably by reading different English books. Your vocabulary will improve and so will your grammar. You can read the book anytime you like. Just sit on a couch and read the book in your free time. However, reading books shouldn’t be your only learning resource.


  • An effective way to learn
  • Best way to review grammar rules
  • Inexpensive


  • Not an interactive learning method
  • You don’t get to practice your speaking skills
  • Some books are boring to read which can affect your motivation

Listening Podcasts or Songs

Nowadays, people listen to podcasts to strengthen their English. The podcasts are quite long and usually, it is of more than 30 minutes. You can find different podcasts according to your needs and interest. Listen to them carefully and your listening will improve significantly.


  • Improve your listening skills
  • Easily listen to it anywhere on your smartphone
  • Most of the podcasts are free of cost


  • Passive studying
  • Only improve your listening skills

There are some other ways people learn English like by watching English movies and TV series. It is quite effective as well. Therefore, watch movies as much as you can to improve English language skills.

Speaking English Frequently

When you speak English frequently with people, you get to know about your mistakes. After knowing about the mistakes, you try not to repeat them. Speaking it in your daily life will keep the language in your head and you will feel more natural when you are using it to speak with others.

Surrounding yourself with other learners

Try to find a study partner when you are learning English. Your study partner will keep you motivated and you can practice your listening and speaking skills with him or her. The feedback from your partner will also help in learning the language.

If you want to learn English, you have to stay motivated and have to practice it regularly. With the ways we have mentioned in the article, you can take a step towards learning English. We are not saying these are the only steps you have to follow for learning it.

Written by Umer Zahid