How To Promote Your Business With Low Budget

How To Promote Your Business With Low Budget

Who loves operating on a shoestring? While most of you might find it nerve-wrecking and financially displeasing, working with limited resources feels pretty awesome. But we’re not trying to cause you any more problems; let’s find the way. Here’s how to promote your business with low budget.

How To Promote Your Business With Low Budget

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If you’re thinking that your small business “can’t afford marketing”, you may actually be wrong. Despite popular belief, marketing and business promotion doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can actually work for you at no additional cost depending on the methods that you use.

A continuous marketing campaign can be beneficial to any business and a strategy can easily be put into place for exercising small budgets. But how can your company save on marketing and find the most valuable methods without exhausting efforts?

Let’s delve into how businesses can promote themselves without splashing the cash!

Social Media | How To Promote Your Business With Low Budget

Did you know that in 2019, over 82% of online adults were found using multiple social media accounts? Given how things are going, there’s guaranteed to be an increased amount of people actively using social media today.

How To Promote Your Business With Low Budget

Whatever industry your business operates in, there is bound to be potential customers looking for your services on social media. The best part? You can optimise it for free!

Begin by creating a business account on the most popular social media platforms, – you can interact with other businesses and customers in your niche. Facebook and Twitter are what we’d class as the “essentials”, with LinkedIn also being a great option if your business is trade-focused.

Email Marketing | Try Your Hand

Email marketing is a traditional way to promote a business but is often considered as a costly service. However, there’s a variety of online software that can take the hassle (and expensive nature) out of this form of digital marketing.

How To Promote Your Business With Low Budget

MailChimp is a popular choice for small business entrepreneurs looking to interact with and engage new customers through emails. They offer a range of low-cost ways to optimize your email marketing tactics, boost conversions and increase the amount of leads that your business receives.

Note: You can also opt for Gmail plugins that organise your inbox. This is a great, free alternative for business promotion and allows you to easily connect with thousands of people at the push of a button.

Business Cards | Professional Letterheads

There’s nothing more impressive to a prospective customer than professionalism.

MS Word Example | ProPakistani

If you bump into someone, whether it be a potential customer in a business meeting or just a stranger in the street, handing them a professional business card is an excellent way to make the best possible first impression.

Research, research, then act accordingly. That’s all we have to say (as a last word).

Organize A Competition | How To Promote Your Business With Low Budget

Running a free competition from your e-commerce website or social media profile can help increase the awareness around your brand.

How To Promote Your Business With Low Budget

Events like these can definitely add to your business’ credibility and increase the degree of trust among the customers in your business.

In The Midst Of It All, Don’t Forget Yourself!

If you’re running a small business, it’s likely that you’re the founder, director and CEO all rolled into one.

How To Promote Your Business With Low Budget

See the guy in the bottom right corner of the above image? Yeah, that’s you!

When we say that marketing yourself is important, we don’t mean to spend your life completing record-breaking challenges in order to win over thousands of fans. Simply rewarding your customers with excellent service and making them feel recognized is enough.

Take steps to become a business owner that aspiring entrepreneurs aspire to be like; offering advice and valuable information for those that need it.

Lend Your Knowledge | Become An Influencer

Public speaking is another form of event marketing, but has many other benefits that the traditional method struggles to achieve.

The Pros Of Influential Talks | ProPakistani
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Along with bringing you face to face with other likeminded individuals and giving you the chance to network, public speaking can help with your strategy to convince.

Industry conferences and local business groups are always looking for speakers to help out at their event. Along with the name recognition that comes with doing such, you have the chance to create contacts and meaningful relationships that can help you out if you need in future.


When it comes to promoting your business on the cheaper, we can materialize an endless series of options. Product catalogues, company magazines or other promotional material; let’s think of common places where people go and need. Research, research, then act accordingly. That’s all we have to say (as a last word).

Well, there you have it folks! This article is a take on how to promote your business with low budget. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the section provided below. Good luck!


Written by Ahsan Gardezi