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How to Renew Driving License in Peshawar

how to renew driving license in Peshawar

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is taking the necessary steps to enforce traffic laws all over the province to ensure the safety and well-being of its customers. Peshawar has been successful in starting a one-window service for license issuance, and applying for a driving license in Peshawar and getting it renewed has been made fairly easy. With the new and efficient services, citizens can easily get their licenses renewed in a short time. Let’s tell you how to renew driving license in Peshawar.

driving license renewal in Peshawar

If the thought of getting the license renewed seems daunting and cumbersome, make sure you read this article to the end.

Applying for a license, and getting it verified and renewed are no longer difficult anywhere in the major cities of Pakistan. The process is not long and does not require taking the driving test again. The only requirement is pertinent documents and the submission of a fee that corresponds to your license validity/expiration and the vehicle that you own.

Here are the complete details for getting your driving license renewed in Peshawar.

Required Documents

  • Applicant’s CNIC.
  • Medical form (form C) attested by a medical professional (for ages 50 and above).
  • Deposited fee slip.
  • Applicant’s original driving license.
  • Computerized history sheet page approved by the MLA.

Missing any of these documents will prevent your license renewal request from being processed.

How to Renew Driving License in Peshawar

  1. Visit the license center, show an attendant/official your CNIC, and get your token from the counter.
  2. Get your form and fill it out. You can also download and fill the form E in advance to save time.
  3. After filling out the form, attach all the required documents with it.
  4. Provide the required medical information, which includes your height, weight, and blood group.
  5. You will get a slip with the unique license number on it.
  6. Receive your renewed license on the mentioned date from the same license center.

Importance of License Renewal

Many people delay applying for the license renewal process but it is advisable to apply as soon as you get the expiration notification to avoid trouble. Citizens of Peshawar can follow all the abovementioned steps for convenient license applications and renewals.


How can I get my KP driving license verified?

The easiest way to get it verified is via SMS. Just type “CDL<space>CNIC No.” and send it to 8583 to get all your requested details in the shortest possible time.

Will I have to pass a test for the license renewal process?

The license renewal process does not require passing any theoretical or driving tests. However, if a period of 3 to 5 years has passed since the expiration, you might have to take the driving test again.

What is the fee for a driving license in KP?

The fee can range from Rs. 600 to Rs. 1,200.

How can I apply for a duplicate driving license in KP?

Visit the license center with the following documents:

  • A copy of your valid CNIC card.
  • A legal Post Office ticket.
  • A copy of an FIR of the loss of the original driving license.
  • Fee deposit slip.

After filling out the form and attaching the documents to it, you can get your duplicate license from the license center.

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Written by Aamna Mazhar