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How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan

How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan

At some point in life, many people may think about starting their own business. Many gravitate towards the food business. Because all other considerations aside, people need to eat. So, if you’re thinking about starting an online food business then read on to know what you need to do. This article is all about How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan.

How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan | Guidelines

Nowadays, starting an online food business is not that difficult. The availability of the internet has made it easier for people to start their business from home. However, making your food business profitable should be your ultimate goal. Of course, profitability is hard to predict in any business as there are many factors involved. Here are a few things that can help you to start an online food business and most likely to make it profitable.

How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan

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Choose your Niche

Firstly, you need to decide what kind of food you want to sell and how you want to sell it. There are different food-related business options available such as food delivery services, baked goods and catering etc. You can focus on the particular niche markets that will help you in starting your food business.

How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan

Determine your Target Audience

After choosing a niche for your online food business, you need to research your target audience. Determine the needs of your target audience and know what kind of food service they want. If your target audience is employees of a nearby office building then you have to offer healthy lunch meals. When you’re able to determine the needs of your target audience then you’ll able to adjust your food business accordingly.

How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan

Conduct Market Research

As the food industry is quite competitive, conducting market research is the right thing to do. Look what other players in your niche are doing and what they are offering. Go to their social media pages and check their offers and prices. Also, look at reviews from their clients. This way you will be to exploit the gaps in the market and will help you to make your brand affordable for the target audience as well.

How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan

Creating Business and Meal Plan

Just like other businesses, you need to create a business plan before starting your food business. A business plan can help you determine your budget and predict if your food business will be a profitable one or if you will merely be getting a break-even amount. Following are the things you need to include while creating your business plan.

  • Cost of selling food, per meal and per location
  • Grocery list
  • Cost of each ingredient
  • Cost of key utilities such as gas, electricity, and internet
  • The expense of your staff if you need one, for delivery, cooking, etc.

Along with the business plan, create a meal plan as well. Most of the things you need for a food business are already in your home so you don’t need to purchase new things like utensils or equipment. You may need:

  • Plastic or cardboard meal boxes if you are starting a food delivery business.
  • Big storage containers where you will store your food after cooking or baking them.

You need to make purchases according to the type of your food business. Add the things and amount in your weekly meal plan and compare your returns each day to know if there is an opportunity for growth or not.

Develop your Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, every business needs a marketing strategy and your online food business should be no exception. The marketing strategy determines how to reach to your target audience effectively. You can make a marketing strategy by focusing on the following.

  • Social media marketing, such a Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Word of mouth by relatives and friends
  • Leaving flyers and posters in nearby offices, schools, or residential areas

You can also use food bloggers to market your business. Send them PR packages and ask them for their reviews. With the amount of following they have, you will get a lot of customers through them.

Choose a Name

After developing a marketing strategy, you need to choose the name of your food business. The name should be unique, related to your business and easy to remember. A unique and a simple business name matters a lot because it has a critical impact on marketing, branding and internet presence of your online food business.


Once you’re done with selecting the name of your business, you need to create a professional image of your business by creating a logo, website and social media pages. If you cannot know how to create one then get someone to make it for you. You can hire a professional to do it for you.

How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan

You can use Wix, WordPress, and Shopify etc. to make your e-commerce website which allows the customers to give an order with just a few clicks. If you don’t have that kind of budget then you can make Facebook and Instagram pages to get online food orders.

FoodPanda and other such food delivery services are also great options to start your online food business. You can register your business with such services to be able to drive your sales.

This is all about how to start an online food business from home in Pakistan. Leave a comment if you’ve queries related to the article.


Written by Umer Zahid

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