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How to Verify FBR Active Taxpayer Status in Pakistan

Steps to Check Your Active Taxpayer Status

Filer Status

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) introduced a mobile SMS service “9966” in 2015 to verify FBR active taxpayer status on the Active Taxpayers List (ATL). This SMS service was launched to overcome the difficulties faced by taxpayers and withholding agents in remote areas.

FBR Active Tax Payer Status Verification Via SMS

FBR filer status verification can be done as follows:

  1. Open the SMS app on your phone.
  2. Type “ATL space 13 digit CNIC No”.
  3. Send it to 9966.

For example:

Send an SMS to 9966 with the message ‘ATL CNIC #’ to check your status. You will get this reply:

Mr. Ahmad Khan

Regn No: 4530299834786

ATL Status: InActive


This facility can also be utilized to find out the filer/non-filer status of the taxpayers from the Active Taxpayers List (ATL). If the internet is unavailable in your area, no other evidence of being a “Filer” is allowed.

FBR Active Taxpayer Status
How to Check FBR Active Taxpayer Status

Online Active Taxpayer Verification Procedure

Sindh Active Taxpayer Status

The procedure is the same for all the provinces, just different websites.

Punjab Active Taxpayer Status

Balochistan Active Taxpayer Status

KP Active Taxpayer Status

Advantages of being an Active Taxpayer

  1. Banks will deduct fewer taxes on cash withdrawals and profits.
  2. Lesser tax on vehicle registration and transfer.
  3. Lesser tax on property transactions.
  4. Lesser tax on profits from sales of securities.
  5. Lesser tax on dividends.
  6. Lesser tax on lotteries like prize bonds.
  7. You can get overpaid tax refunded.

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  1. Status: Inactive means that the person is not filler?

    As i am filler but my status is inactive