Iftar Timings Today in Pakistan – 18th April (16th Ramadan 2022)

Iftar Schedule for 18th April (16th Ramadan) for Major Cities in Pakistan

sehri and iftar time today in Pakistan

Muslims across Pakistan are observing the 16th fast of the holy month of Ramadan 2022 on Monday, 18th of April. Below, you will find the Iftar timings for today in the major cities of Pakistan.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is the month of countless blessings. It is the month when Allah (SWT) revealed to us His clear commandments as guidance.

“Ramaḍân is the month in which the Quran was revealed as a guide for humanity with clear proofs of guidance and the standard ˹to distinguish between right and wrong˺. So whoever is present this month, let them fast.” (Q 2:185)

Fasting is obligatory for every fit and responsible Muslim and is a way of attaining ‘Taqwa’ in Ramadan. As such, fasting refrains us from doing bad activities and encourages us to engage in prayer, charity, and other good deeds, and brings us closer to Allah Almighty.

“Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain taqwa.” (Q 2:183)

Iftar Timings Today in Pakistan

Iftar time in Islamabad for today (18th April) is 6:42 PM while Iftar time for Lahore and Karachi is 6:34 PM and 6:56 PM, respectively.

For the convenience of our readers, we have compiled the Sehri and Iftar time for today across different cities in Pakistan. The table is added for better readability and to-the-point information. 

16th Ramadan 2022 – 18th April Sehri and Iftar Time

City Sehri Timing Today  Iftar Timing Today
Karachi 04:47 AM 6:56 PM
Lahore 04:05 AM 6:34 PM
Islamabad/Rawalpindi 04:05 AM 6:42 PM
Quetta 04:37 AM 7:02 PM
Peshawar 04:10 AM 6:48 PM
Faisalabad 04:10 AM 6:39 PM
Multan 04:19 AM 6:44 PM
Bahawalpur 04:20 AM 6:43 PM
Gujranwala 04:04 AM 6:36 PM
Hyderabad 04:41 AM 6:52 PM
Gujrat 04:04 AM 6:36 PM
Jhelum 04:04 AM 6:38 PM
Sukkur 04:35 AM 6:52 PM
Gilgit 03:54 AM 6:40 PM

Here are the links to full Ramadan timetables for Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, and Faisalabad.

Written by Maham Ahmed