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Pakistan Gambling & Online Betting Sites: Islam’s View on Gambling

Those who win today may lose another day

Various sports are popular all over the world and many of them are loved by Pakistanis. Unfortunately, making sports bets in Pakistan is not that easy. Being one of the Islamic countries, gambling is prohibited in the country.

Pakistan is another country that bans any form of gambling which includes playing the casino. This does not mean that some of the residents here do not play some online casinos. The residents who enjoy this type of game will get a chance to break the law.

Some say that Pakistani officials do not enforce gambling laws when it comes to playing the casino online. Others have indicated that they do. There is a report showing that in 2012 many people were arrested for gambling. The legal explanation was that the online betting internet connection was running a gambling game.

However, there is a loophole in this gambling law which some activities would be considered games of chance or betting in other countries are not seen as such in Pakistan to circumvent the gambling ban. The justification for this was provided by the 1932 Sunan Abi Dawud

Namely, the following forms of gambling are legal in the country since 1979:

  • Horse racing betting
  • Prize bonds (lotteries and raffles) like the AK Lasbela
  • Some cricket betting tips were tolerated also (although it was never truly legal).

Technically placing bets on any online gambling site is illegal. However, this is not enforced, and players are not prosecuted. In fact, one of the leading online bookmakers admitted that they had over 700 active users from Pakistan, and this is just one out of the many thousands of online gambling platforms, which accept Pakistani players.

None of the bettors were ever punished, the government does not actively target Pakistani players.

Islam View

Gambling means giving or taking money or goods with a view to achieving something and the result of which is not known. No matter what name it goes by, any game or bet that has this feature and is played in the hope of acquiring money or goods is called gambling.

The word “maysir” mentioned in the Qur’an is derived from the word “yusr” which means ease, indicating that money or goods are easily gained or lost in gambling.

Gambling is a way of obtaining undeserved money that makes man forget his Creator, prevents him from performing prayers, leads to laziness, removes his ability to work, and causes grudges and enmity among people. All forms of gambling, which cause irreparable damage to individual and social life, are haram in the religion of Islam.

Games of any kind that generate benefit or harm are considered games of chance. Gambling means spending one’s money or property unfairly and is like deliberately stealing money or property. Gambling is a social disaster. They are always seen as evils that destroy families, and are prohibited in Islam.

Those who play around a table until the next morning due to the excitement caused by ambition and greed lose their health, wealth, ethics, and money. They also lose their human feelings. Those who win today may lose another day.

Wives, children, and the poor are also entitled to the money lost in gambling. The money obtained through gambling is not legitimate.

At a time when the game is extended, the social damage increases. Work is replaced by laziness. Productivity decreases. Gambling is accompanied by other negative things such as alcohol, lies, greed, spite, envy, revenge, and murder.

Gambling also causes disorder and disagreement and makes people negligent in treating their family. There are many people who sell their religion, their honor, and their country because of the game and who betray all kinds of sacred values.

Gambling becomes an addiction in no time, just like alcohol. It is very difficult to get away from it. Thus, gambling and alcohol are very dangerous habits.

All kinds of games in which one wins or loses money, such as dice, cards, lottery, pools, betting on races, etc. are considered games of chance.

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