Pakistan Post Tracking | How to track your mail with EMTTS

Pakistan Post Tracking

A premier national postal service with economical rates and on-time delivery, Pakistan Post has taken center-stage as a formidable rival of TCS and Leopard. Not that it matters to pristine households, but their service is at the top of the line. Getting to the point, do you want to know How To Track Your Mail With EMTTS? Read on!

Here’s something for you to consider: TCS has a minimum delivery rate of Rs 200 for single day delivery. Pakistan Post only charges a minimum Rs 60 for single day deliveries. Being a government sponsored delivery service, Pakistan Post provides economical rates for posting a variety of packages worldwide.

This article explains how to track your mail with Pakistan Post’s exuberant EMTTSExpress Mail Track & Trace System.

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Urgent Mail Service (UMS)

Urgent Mail Service (UMS) is a fast, reliable, efficient and secure overnight /2nd day home delivery service with widest network for dispatch of documents and parcels. Computerized track and trace system is available.


The UMS articles are items of first-class letter mail. Currency notes, coins, platinum, gold bullions, silver bullions, precious stones, precious metals fire arms, explosives, flammable liquids, perishables and anything the intrinsic value of which exceeds two thousand rupees shall not be sent by UMS.

Product Mix

  • Local UMS
  • City-to-City UMS
  • Counter Collection UMS

Here’s a rough cartographic info regarding packages:

Weight and Size

  • The maximum permissible weight limit of an UMS article is 30 kilograms.
  • The maximum size of UMS article may not exceed:

Length: 1.50 meters

Length & width combined: 2.00 meters

Urgent Mail Service – Counter Collection (UMS-CC)

After arrival of the UMS-CC article in the General Post Office (GPO) of destination, the addressee will be telephonically intimated of arrival of the article and offered facility to the take its delivery from the GPO/GPO (NPO) Counter. It is expected that this contrivance will ensure 100% quality of service in the delivery domain of UMS-CC.

Pick up and credit facility

The bulk customers having monthly billing of Rs. 7,000 or above can avail monthly Pick up and Credit Facility. All bulk customers including commercial organizations, institutions, and multinational companies can avail pick up and credit facility by filling up a registration form. The nearest G.P.O / Express Post Centre will provide all necessary details and fully help in completion of all formalities for registration.

If you’re using a phone for the website, the UI displays the following:

After registration, Express Post Pick Up Couriers will daily visit offices of registered customers daily according to a pre-arranged schedule.

Emergency on Call Pick up Facility is also available for registered customers billing on monthly basis for making payment within 7 days of receipt of bill.


Payment of postage charges through franking machines is also permissible.

(This info is in line with Pakistan Post’s Official Rules as mentioned on their website.)


If you have availed these services and still await delivery of your material, simple visit the Pakistan Post website and enter your tracking ID.

If you’re looking for your tracking ID, you’ll find it either in a text message sent by Pakistan Post as a confirmation, or via email – if you shared it, that is.

The process is pretty cheap, simple and easy to understand. The picture above demonstrates results of entering your tracking number to the source. This tool provides precise information regarding your merchandise and the location services are accurate to the 99th degree!

Important links to use:

  • Pakistan Post Official Site:
  • Services:
  • Urgent Mail Service (UMS) and basic information:
  • Calculate your postal expenditure:

For Inquiries & Complaints ,Dial 051-111-111-117 or 051-8487080 or 051-8840360.

Good luck! Drop a comment if you have any questions!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi