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Top 10 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

best online shopping websites in Pakistan

A few years back, you might be afraid of online shopping because it is easy to get cheated. But, now, with a lot of market competition, eCommerce stores’ standards have improved. Almost every online store offers a 10 to 14 days return policy. If you do not get the right product, you can quickly return it and get your money back. People are now buying expensive products like mobiles and laptops from these Online shopping sites. You can purchase clothing, bags, shoes, makeup, and many electronic products from these shopping sites. Out of many online stores, choosing the right one that sells various quality products may be complicated. Further in the article, you will find the top 10 best online shopping websites in Pakistan.

1. Daraz. pk

One of the International online shopping sites, Daraz is the most popular in Pakistan. It sells all kinds of products, from clothing to medical and electronic tools. Daraz is famous in the cheap clothing stores online. You can buy them for both men and women.

Undoubtedly, it comes at the top of the best online shopping websites in Pakistan. Not just local, but it sells items from international brands. You can simply buy Chinese products from Daraz, and they will deliver them to you within a month from China.

The world’s top e-commerce giant, Alibaba, buys Daraz, which already has an established presence in Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal.  Every year, Daraz brings the 11.11 sale and makes millions of dollars worth of sales.

You can buy from Daraz, as it has verified brands in the Mall category. These brands are added to this category after a proper inspection, and if you still do not get what you ordered, the return procedure is also very smooth.

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Telemart may sound like a technology-related online store, but it is part of the trendy clothing websites and much more. Although they initially started with mobile phones and electronic products. Telemart is on the list of best online shopping websites in Pakistan is that it provides the best rates. has more than 150,000 products in its store. Another thing that helps it make it to the list of shopping sites is that it sells gold-plated products. Gold-plated iPhones are the most famous among them. Additionally, they provide a free discount card or app to make purchasing easier for their clients.

3. Ali Express

Ali Express is part of the Alibaba group. The difference between Alibaba and Ali Express is that the prior sells wholesale products; from the former, you can buy single items. One of the best online shopping websites in Pakistan has more than 100 million products. On Ali Express, you will find any product you can think of.

Ali Express is a global marketplace for electronics, appliances, apparel, luggage, shoes, healthcare, autos, and a wide range of other goods. Every seller, from homegrown entrepreneurs to international manufacturers, can be found on Ali Express. People prefer to buy on Ali Express and other international online shopping sites.

4. CyberMart

CyberMart is also part of the best online shopping websites in Pakistan. It is a marketplace for every product. CyberMart is also one of the cheap clothing stores online. It has clothing for everyone, from Kids to Women’s Clothing and men’s. CyberMart also sells mobile accessories, electronics, groceries, and much more.

It often offers discounts on its products, making them the favorite of many people in Pakistan. CyberMart has a good number of products and offers exceptional shipping and customer support. It also sells international brands like Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc.


The following online store in the list of best online shopping websites in Pakistan is Among the new eCommerce stores, it is growing at the fastest speed by offering quality products and services. You can shop from all around Pakistan and get it delivered to your doorstep.

It is mobile phone accessories, including cables, Earpods from Oppo, QCY, and much more. The thing that makes it unique among the other shopping sites in Pakistan is that it has vouchers and gift cards for Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox, and PlayStation. It also sells items related to Health & Personal Care, Fashion, computers, and laptops.

6. WBMInternational

Another local eCommerce store, WBMInternational, offers a variety of discounts that can be avail every day. If you want to buy products from Amazon, WBMInternational is one of the best online shopping websites in Pakistan, where you can find them. Here, you get all the items related to Grocery, Health, Makeup, and much more.

WBMInternational gives discounts through its daily 7 PM deal, where you get up to 50% off and an additional 10% discount if you make payment through payment apps.  WBM also sells products under its brand name tag.

7. Homeshopping. pk

It is one of the most reliable online shopping sites in Pakistan, where you get to buy all products you do not find anywhere else. For instance, the recently launched Apple iPhone 14 was available on It also has a one-year repair warranty on its electronic products.

The prices on the are also very impressive. With the quality and price tag they come with, no one can beat them. The most distinctive aspect of is its “Price Beating” feature, which allows you to quickly contact the company and point out that another vendor is offering the same item for less money.

8. Shophive

Shophive is one of the oldest and best online shopping websites in Pakistan. It sells almost all kinds of electronic products since the year 2006. It sells mobile phones, Laptops, TV & Audio, printers & Scanners, Video Games, Appliances, cameras and cameras, and much more.

You will also find Apple products, from iPhones to Macbooks; you will get everything you need. They sell laptops from HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc. it sells computers with the latest chipset and different configurations. It also provides impressive customer service, so you get any information you require.

9. YAYVO.COM is from Pakistan’s top courier company, TCS. It is one of the best online shopping sites for clothes. In addition, it also has Home Appliances, computer accessories, mobile phones, books, etc. you can also shop grocery from, and they will be delivered to you at a fast pace.

You can buy clothes for Men, Women, and Kids. In kid’s items, you can get toys as well. The products in the store are very affordable. In the women’s fashion category, you will see clothes from famous brands at very reasonable prices.


Best online shopping sites for clothes also include It has all kinds of clothing and much more. The list of best online shopping websites in Pakistan is incomplete without It is known for its electronic products, which include computer and mobile phone accessories. You can buy laptops, smartphones, keyboards, video games, etc.

The business structure of is similar to HomeShopping. It also offers one year warranty on its electronic items. Additionally, you can shop by brands. It provides the best pricing as well. Once you place the order, it will get delivered in a couple of days.