Top 13 Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Are you a fashionista who likes dressing up but finds that your favorite brands sell clothes at a very high price? Pakistani brands are highly valued because they don’t cost more than luxury. Top clothing brands in Pakistan are striving to provide the best for women, children, and men.

Currently, there are numerous clothing brands that are popular in Pakistan. Some of them include Zariq Textiles, Charizma, Beechtree, Sana Safinaz, and Shariq Textiles. These brands are popular for their quality and designs. The best women’s clothing brands in Pakistan all have the same quality that every woman would like to try.

We’ve done the research and created a list of the most affordable apparel brands in Pakistan.

Best Clothing Brands In Pakistan

  • Khaadi
  • Zellbury
  • Limelight
  • Beechtree
  • Cross-stitched
  • Generation
  • Sana Safinaz
  • Leisure Club
  • Charizma
  • Zariq Textiles
  • Bonanza Satrangi
  • Al Karam
  • Asim Jofa

1. Khaadi

Khaadi women Clothing Brand

Founded in 1998, Khaadi is one of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan. It has established a reputation for quality, craft, and heritage. It has expanded its retail presence across 40 cities in Pakistan and abroad, and launched an international retail outlet in the United Kingdom.

The brand’s success has inspired copycats. Khaadi has a large workforce that is 32% females. Khaadi’s design philosophy is rooted in the culture and craft of the country. The company is known for its vibrant colors and prints. The company also offers accessories like jewelry and shoes. The products are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Khaadi also has online stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Khaadi was founded by Shamoon Sultan, a fashion designer. His aim was to revive the ancient handloom of Pakistan. His first store was launched in the Zamzama commercial area in Karachi. It was a small venture that soon grew to become a full-fledged business. Khaadi has since expanded its presence in Islamabad and Lahore.

2. Zellbury

Zellbury women clothing brands in Pakistan

Zellbury is, for the most part, at the top of this list because it’s one of the most reliable and affordable clothing brands in Pakistan. This brand is an innovative and exciting one-stop solution for you and your loved ones. There are different product lines for men, women, kids, homes, and sports. Zellbury offers a wide range of ready-to-wear and unstitched dresses that are extremely comfortable.

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3. Limelight

LimeLight top clothing brands in Pakistan

A leading fashion retailer brand with more than 70 stores in Pakistan and an exclusive online store. Limelight is your one-stop shopping destination for top fashion products, and it is the most popular women’s clothing brand in Pakistan. It offers special western and eastern wear collections at affordable prices. The Limelight unstitched collections still have beautiful prints that every woman will love.

4. Beechtree

Beechtree Pakistan designer brands

Among the top clothing brands in Pakistan, Beechtree stands out. It is a high-end brand that is known for its impeccable craftsmanship and stylish designs. It offers a wide range of products to satisfy its customers. The brand also has several branches and outlets in Pakistan.

The main aim of Beechtree is to meet the requirements of every class of society. The clothes are made of high-quality fabrics and state-of-the-art stitching machines. This brand has a variety of products, which include formal and casual wear, western wear, as well as accessories.

In addition to this, the brand offers ready-to-wear collections. It also has a wide range of fusion colors for toddlers. The company also offers a variety of formal and casual clothes for men.

The company has also been very popular among teenagers. They often do massive purchases during the sale. The brand has several outlets across Pakistan, which are located in major cities.

5. Cross-stitched

Cross Stitched womens clothing brands

Whether you’re looking for a good quality ready-to-wear dress or looking for some novelty items to add to your collection, Cross-stitched clothing brands in Pakistan are your best bet. They’re also known for their high-quality products, a trait that their manufacturers take pride in. Their products are regularly checked for quality, and they are priced to suit the pocket. They are also available in all the major cities of Pakistan, with their outlets spread across the country.

The most obvious item to get from a Cross-stitched clothing brand in Pakistan is their flagship ready-to-wear collection. In this line, you’ll find everything from embroidered chiffon, to elegant silk and linen. In addition to the usual suspects, Cross-stitched clothing also offers a range of events where items are embellished with a plethora of motifs.

The Cross-stitched clothing brand has also launched a new retail store in Lahore. It has three product lines, each containing a small collection of embroidered lawns.

6. Generation

Generation clothing brand

Founded in 1983 by a husband-wife duo, Generation has established itself as one of the leading women’s ready-to-wear clothing brands in Pakistan. Its fashion lines are stylish, trendy, and affordable. These lines feature wearable designs, smart silhouettes, and skilfully crafted embroidery techniques.

Generation started with abstract and primary colors and then moved on to use prints. The brand has always had a strong emphasis on individuality and global outreach. Its designs also have a distinctively modern sensibility. It’s also a firm believer in using surplus fabric. It’s also well known for its gorgeous photo shoots. In addition to its ready-to-wear lines, the brand also has a formal collection. This line celebrates tradition and innovation. It also uses local cultural techniques, such as hand embroidery. Its formal collection features all-over embroidery, adda work, naqshi, and pearls.

Generation’s ‘Colors of Earth’ series is inspired by a concept of optimism. It uses fabrics including yarn-dyed checks, organza, velvet, denim, and crinkle.

7. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz Clothing Brand

Founded in 1989, Sana Safinaz is a leading women’s fashion brand in Pakistan. It is also one of the oldest brands in Pakistan. Sana Safinaz focuses on quality and offers great prices on premium branded clothing.

Sana Safinaz offers a variety of designs to suit your style and personality. Its designs are inspired by traditional eastern designs and are created to meet the demands of women’s fashion. The dresses are comfortable to wear and affordable. The brand offers stylish and elegant designs in a variety of colors. It also introduces new designs in silk. In addition, the brand has introduced bold designs in Kurtis. It also offers great discounts of up to 40% off.

In addition to its clothing line, Sana Safinaz also offers an online store. Sana Safinaz has a presence in every major city in Pakistan. It is popular among South Asian communities living abroad.

8. Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi Men and Women Brand

Bonanza Satrangi creates clothes with a feminine touch. They want to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their bodies. It is one of the most popular apparel brands in Pakistan. Bonanza Satrangi caters to men, women, and children.

9. Leisure Club

Leisure Club For Women

Founded in 1997, Leisure Club is one of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan. It offers a wide variety of fashionable clothes for both men and women. It also specializes in casual and formal wear for children. The brand is known for its quality fabric and elegant designs. The company’s latest clothing collection offers maximum comfort.

The company also has a wide variety of ethnic wear for women. Its Rozana collection defines Asian beauty. The company’s clothing collection also includes formal and casual western wear for men. They also have a wide variety of sports collections.

The company’s clothing collection also offers a wide variety of trendy colors. The company also offers denim jackets, Bermudas, and leather jackets. The company’s team works to ensure the quality of the materials used in their clothing. The company also offers the best value for money.

10. Charizma

Charizma Women Wear

Charizma is one of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan. It is known for its quality clothing, stylish designs, and affordable prices. It has a wide variety of collections. The brand is popular for its designer suits and accessories. It has opened many physical stores across the country and also has a website that is extremely popular among customers. It also delivers orders online with a variety of items for men, women, and kids.

Charizma offers a variety of clothing for all types of occasions. They have a line of designer suits for men and women. They also have a line of casual clothes. Charizma offers a variety of accessories and perfumes. They have a line of embroidered shirts and tops. They also have a line of casual and formal dresses.

Charizma offers a collection of printed lawns. These dresses are made from high-quality lawn fabric. The dresses are available in 12 different designs. They can be customized for a reasonable price.

11. Zariq Textiles

Zariq Textiles Female wear

Among the numerous fashion brands that Pakistan has to offer, Zariq Textiles is one of the most popular and widely distributed in the country. As the name implies, this brand has a plethora of options to choose from in terms of fabrics, styles, designs, and prices. In addition, its offerings are spread across all types of clothes including formal wear, formal dresses, casual wear, men’s wear, and children’s wear. Unlike other brands, Zariq is able to offer a wider variety of designs and styles because it is owned and operated by the same company.

The best thing about this brand is that it has all the latest trends in fashion. It is also one of the few brands in the country that has an online store. As a result, consumers can shop from their homes for the best prices in the country.

12. Al Karam:

Al Karam Top Brand Dresses

Al Karam’s unique designs are a favorite of many. It is a well-known brand because of its exquisite clothes and beautiful work on fancy clothing. Al Karam also has an extensive collection for kids and men.

13. Asim Jofa:

Asim Jofa is another brand that comes in the list of the best clothing brands in Pakistan because of its dynamic fashion and distinctive designs. What sets Asim Jofa apart is his signature style. Known for intricate embroidery, bold color palettes, and innovative cuts, Asim Jofa’s designs speak to those seeking a perfect blend of tradition and trendiness. Each collection tells a unique story, captivating fashion enthusiasts globally.

Whether you are looking for something casual for your daily routine, or want to stand out in a wedding, Asim Jofa provides you with everything you need. From formal shirts to designer kurtas, printed dresses, and astounding embroidered frocks, Asim Jofa covers everything you need.

One of the highlights of Asim Jofa’s brand is the introduction of seasonal collections. From vibrant summer hues to cozy winter ensembles, each collection reflects a deep understanding of seasonal fashion trends. Asim Jofa clothing is not just attire; it’s a statement of style and craftsmanship.

Written by Zohaib Shah