A Pakistani Student Appeared In Judge Caprio’s Show And Here’s What Happened Next

Frank Caprio started ‘Caught in Providence’ 25 years ago!

Judge Caprio

We’ve all heard of the world famous show ‘Caught in Providence‘ right? This popular show (which debuted 25 years ago!) tells the everyday story of American Judge Frank Caprio who goes out of his way to ensure that the US justice system is fair for all. Well, a Pakistani student found his way to Judge Caprio and here’s what happened next.

Pakistani student Ama Salman wound up on Caught in Providence after he got a bunch of parking tickets and failed to pay them.

As soon as Ama makes his way in, he accepts that he is guilty of the offence, Ama also mentions that he received the tickets in snow season.

Things take a hilarious turn when Ama tells the beloved judge how people back home in Pakistan love Frank Caprio. The judge chuckled and cracked a joke, asking if Ama was ‘buttering him up‘.

“In Pakistan, a lot of people, they love you.”

Judge Caprio Tells Us The ‘American Story’

The proceedings at the court went on as expected from Judge Caprio’s show.

The judge asked Ama about what he does, Ama stated that he’s a student of Cyber Security. That’s when Judge Caprio decided that the student was worthy to have someone pay his tickets.


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Given how involved Judge Caprio gets, he then asked the Pakistani student if he intends on staying in the United States and about his family. To which Ama Salman emotionally responded;

“You are my family.”

Touched by those words, Frank Caprio, in his trademark style, tells us all about the ‘American story.‘ According to him, almost everyone in America immigrated from somewhere else and made it the great country it is. He points to people in the courtroom, and ultimately himself to drive home the point.

“My family, my father was born in Italy. Other people come from all parts of the world. This is what America is all about.”

About “Caught in Providence”

Frank Caprio is the chief municipal judge in Providence, Rhode Island. The judge has a televised show about all the cases he hears in Providence Municipal Court called ‘Caught in Providence‘.


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The purpose of the show is to highlight and provide a public access program. At times, Judge Caprio exhibits kindness when its least expected. It also shows that not all judges are crooks, especially those with shares in the prison business who rush to prosecute people and make money.

Judge Caprio continues to win hearts and minds, even in the era of President Trump. At times, he even pardons people given his love for humanity. At this point, the show has run for 25 years and has been viewed by some two billion people.



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  2. Hats off to Great Judge Caprio.
    May God bless him ever.
    Yess many people in Pakistba love him,, great man.