Aagha Ali Apologizes for Making Racist Jokes [Video]

It was due to an old video that went viral

Aagha Ali

Aagha Ali has again come under public scrutiny after a clip from an old morning show went viral on social media.

The video clip is from an APlus morning show where Aagha, Neelam Munir, and Faysal Quraishi were invited as guests. The video has resurfaced after 5 years as netizens find it disrespectful and rude.

In the clip, Aagha Ali can be seen describing how Pathans speak on the phone in Pushto. He first mimicked his co-star Neelam Muneer and then went on to make racist jokes about the Pathan community. He said he had never seen Pathans speak calmly or lovingly and that they are always shouting or speaking in an angry tone.

“Every time I see Pathans talking in Pushto, it feels like they are scolding each other.”

Just a few days back, the actor was called for being a fatphobic and body shaming his own wife on a public platform. And right after that, he is again caught up in another controversy.

We understand that this is an old video clip and he can get a little chummy with his co-star. Mimicking her somewhat still makes sense but maybe he didn’t realize he was making fun of a whole community on TV.

In poor taste

Recently, ARY Digital also received criticism as one of their hit sitcoms Bulbulay made a derogatory joke about the Pathan community.


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Perhaps, this incident further led to the more severe backlash towards Aagha Ali as these stereotypical jabs against other communities have unfortunately become a part of the entertainment industry.

However, netizens are not amused. #AaghaAliMafiMango was trending on Twitter as people demanded him for a public apology.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to it.

Aagha Ali Apologizes

Reacting to all the criticism, the Mehram actor took to social media and issued a public apology for hurting the sentiments of the Pathan community.

Aagha Ali said that he did not mean to hurt anybody’s sentiments, and he believes that Pashtoons are an important part of Pakistan.

Furthermore, he also said that people should not dredge up past instances and should rather focus on the positives.


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