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Aamir Liaquat and Tuba Receive Backlash Over Making Donations [Video]

What did they do now?

People all over the world are having a hard time dealing with coronavirus. A global lockdown is being observed, which has affected more people than the virus itself.

It is true that the numbers are increasing by the minute and that this lockdown is a necessary step to stop the virus from spreading. However, daily wagers and laborers who need to be present outside to make their day to day income, are being severely affected by it.

Pakistan too is going through a rough time. Many celebrities have made donations and provided rations for the underprivileged. They have used their influence to spread awareness, so that their fans can also take inspiration and help those who really need us right now.


Show or Good Gesture? Aamir Liaquat Distributes Food to Police and Rangers

Aamir Liaquat Makes His Contribution

Recently, Aamir Liaquat also made an effort on his part. He distributed home-made biryani to the Rangers and police officers of his area who are working day and night to make sure that you stay safe.

He also handed out necessary supplies to the needy during the lockdown. As a gesture of encouragement, his wife, Tuba shared a video on her Instagram where she could be seen helping him out in this cause.

“Little acts of kindness in these troubling times will make us stronger. Together we have to help those in need. We should all contribute however we can. May Allah pak protect us all Aameen.”

Although it was supposed to spread positivity, certain quarters have started criticizing the two. Where some appreciated their actions, comments like ‘show off’ and ‘cheap publicity stunt’ found their way into the comment section.







It’s really sad to see how we always manage to see the negative out of everything. Even if she has made a video of it, it’s her choice. Who knows how many people got inspired by her and decided to do a simple act of kindness.


This Govt Employee Donated His Entire Pension to Buy Masks For Doctors

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  1. Good effort, the goodness could be done through both ways i.e, secretly or openly, the purpose through openly should be incit to others to contribute in holy deeds.

    Our religion allow us follow both ways.

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