Aamir Liaquat Disses PTA Over PUBG Ban [Video]

And then it turned into a meme!

Waqar Zaka’s activism to have PlayerUnknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) unbanned in Pakistan has got people talking. However, nothing beats Aamir Liaquat joining this trend and throwing shade at the PUBG ban.

While Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was intent on keeping the globally popular video game banned, Islamabad High Court said that the ban needs to go. However, PTA still succeeded in keeping that ban in place.


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Following the High Court ruling to have the online multiplayer video game unbanned in Pakistan, there are still hiccups courtesy of PTA.

PTA has refused to comply with the IHC order citing that ‘it has the mandate to make the decision under Section 37 of the PECA‘. Section 37 of the PECA grants PTA the power to block access to or remove ‘speech’ from content it finds objectionable.

This led to Waqar Zaka picking up the issue once again on his regular podcast. The radio and television host had none other than Aamir Liaquat diss PTA over their non-compliance with the court order.

The PTI leader’s wrath was subtle and sarcastic but people loved it so much they’ve turned it into a meme.

Good thing Aamir Bhai enjoys the PUBG memes made about him, otherwise, this would’ve led to another burn session.


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In his arguments supporting abolishing the ban on PUBG, Aamir Liaquat stated how gaming is an industry that generates a significant income for many. He called out how unfair it is to slash back the livelihood of so many people, not to mention regressive.

He even took a jab at the fear of innovation that fuels the ban on the battle royale game.

The MNA stated that he would definitely bring up the issue in National Assembly. Let’s see how it goes.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. PUBG must have some benefits but there’s no denying the fact that countless risks are there ranging from psychological and social to medical. Not only PUBG but many other platforms need to be judged on the basis of risk to benfit ratio. Secondly regarding IT industry and economy you’ll have to do some statistics and see how many $ per person per hour are being generated. Considering electricity, internet and device losses these statistics would be negative, there would be hardly 1 to 2 earning professionals per 1000 players. Peace!

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