Abhinandan Can Actually Shoot Down Targets In New Game By Indian Air Force [Video]

IAF launches its airborne combat mobile game.


Well this is unexpected. The Indian Air Force released an official video game where you can fulfill your duty by taking down targets.

In fact, this game features famous IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan, who has the distinction of having tea with the enemy on the other side of the border, after his plane was shot down and he was captured. Plus this time we hope he can shoot some targets (virtual ones obviously) too.

Don’t believe us yet? Here you go:


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A Cut Above, An Official Mobile Game By Indian Airforce

Well to be honest, this looks like a nice game to indulge in dogfights on the go.

Here’s the trailer of A Cut Above, IAF’s airborne combat mobile game:

We gotta say, it does look like a fun ride. Perhaps now some Indian pilots can practice their precision hit skills the way they’re meant to.

We do hope the game contains actual military targets rather than harmless trees. Since the objective of the game is to lure a new generation of IAF recruits to fly India’s aging dogfighting machines, they will have to deliver a authentic combat experience to all.


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The game will feature a raft of fighter planes such as the Mig-21, Rafael fighter jets, and even Apache attack helicopters.

The single player version of the game is available on iOS and Android today. Try it at your own risk.


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  1. This is the only thing Endian Can Do ???? Fulfill their dream is game and movies ?? 2 mini of silence for Abhinandan “The Tea is Fantastic Shrrpppp” ??

  2. The manifestation of game is absolutely delusional. You guys represents every things for your honour,. In reality what happened,fantastic tea can present in vividly.

  3. Lets see if game features an ending where abhinandan’s plane crashes and then he enjoys tee with the eagles #PAF.
    I think that there would also be a mission in which you have to perform a surgical strike on terrorists that look like trees. ?

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