‘Ae tractor trolley nu chup kara!’ — Pakistani Celebrities Slam Javed Akhtar for Spreading Jingoism

The out-of-touch Indian poet’s remarks have caused quite an uproar nationwide.

Pakistani celebrities have come forward to condemn Indian poet Javed Akhtar for taking advantage of the country’s hospitality by spreading his brand of idiotic jingoism, and perpetuating negative stereotypes

The Indian poet’s insensitive remarks against their country during his visit to Lahore for the Faiz Literary Festival have caused a major uproar in Pakistan, with many people wondering why this 78-year-old out-of-touch artist was even invited.

People also called out celebrities like Ali Zafar for trying so hard to seek Javed Akhtar’s admiration, and actor Adeel Hashmi for having zero self respect as he sat by the Indian poet’s knees during the performance.

In his comments, Javed Akhtar had suggested that the terrorists responsible for the 2009 Mumbai attacks were roaming freely in Pakistan. His comments were widely seen as an attempt to malign Pakistan and further stoke tensions between the two countries.

Here are a few reactions from celebrities like Saboor Aly, Shaan Shahid, Haroon Shahid, Anoushey Ashraf, and Mishi Khan.

javed akhtar

javed akhtar

The controversy surrounding Javed Akhtar’s visit has once again highlighted the need for better relations between India and Pakistan. While there have been some positive developments in recent years, incidents like this show that there is still a long way to go.

It is hoped that both countries can work towards building a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding, rather than negative stereotypes and jingoism.

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  1. Mr Akhtar took advantage of organisers hospitality, there are other forums where he could have expressed his loyalty.
    Such Muslims in India and coming generations shall continue to prove their loyalty.
    Look at other Indian people Sikhs, Hindus visiting their religious places need to prove nothing but contribute in people to people contact.

  2. Mr. Akhtar had to say something controversial or atleast do a stunt which would be sufficient to please Indian caretakers because without any such act, he and his family would not be allowed to work, live in India. As the unfortunate reality goes or almost all Indian Muslims, Mr. Akhtar and his family have faced many threats and straight instructions to leave the country and go live in Pakistan because he is a Muslim. His remarks should not be taken seriously because he is a part of history and his comments are a desperate attempt to save himself and his family back in India.