Ahmed Ali Akbar Touched By Parizaad Fan Art

He even gave a shoutout to the artist, Abdullah Haris


Despite the drama serial Parizaad wrapping up, love for the drama serial continues. Recently a digital artist created some Parizaad fan art. Not only did he impress Netizens but Ahmed Ali Akbar as well.

The Laal Kabotaar actor took to Instagram to reshare the artwork by Abdullah Haris.

Aside from this piece, some of the artist’s other works focus on our protagonist, the ever-changing and growing Parizaad.


Then there was Seth Behroze Karim in all his glory.

Even though the drama’s been over for a while we’re still fangirling about it. The story really touched our hearts and even now it continues to do so.

So no wonder Abdullah Haris is also a fan. On the other hand, the artist created a mermaid-esque photoshoot of Mahira Khan.

Aside from digital art, this man is well versed in videography and other visual artistry.