Akshay Kumar Gets Slammed For Giving Lecture About Rape

Here’s why people are calling him out.

Akshay Kumar

Recently, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar did his best to be a good role model and condemn horrific rapes crimes against women in India over the past few days. However, some netizens were quick to point out why he’s a hypocrite for doing so. They called him out for using sexist jokes in his films while trying to lecture society on rape.

Here’s what he said regarding the growing incident of rapes in India:

Whether it is #PriyankaReddy in Hyderabad, #Roja in Tamil Nadu or the law student gangraped in Ranchi,we seem to be losing it as a society. It has been 7 yrs to the gut-wrenching #Nirbhaya case & our moral fabric continues to be in pieces. We need stricter laws. This needs to STOP!”


One Twitter user remarked that indeed this was a matter of society when people can comfortably call out the problematic way women are viewed, but not protest the same kind of depictions on screen.


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The user even listed examples of such derrogative jokes.

Uski ovaries nikal do. Na mamma banegi, na mia milega. Mamma Mia! (Remove her ovaries. She won’t become a mamma or find a husband (mia). Mamma Mia!)”

“Hey! Kya tum meri tawayaf, oh, wife banogi? (Hey! Will you be my concubine, oh, wife?)”

There is a valid point here. When people with platforms (like Akshay) have a dual standard towards violence against weaker factions of society, the general attitude towards these issues will not be a serious one.

The dialogues we shared above? Turns out its from one of Akshay’s latest comedy films.

“These are dialogues from your film, Houseful 3. You’ve been okay with them to evoke cheap laughs. Yes, we need stricter laws. But we also need better heroes.”

Netizens joined in the critique on how other artists should reflect on what they promote through their work.

There were other similar cringe-worthy examples.


That’s when one man pointed out the need to boycott such content to have the industry amend its ways.



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Is Akhshay really to blame?

Some people completely missed the memo. They made this an issue of Akshay Kumar versus other Bollywood heroes.




India’s Rape Pandemic

It was thought that the Nirbhaya case was India’s wake up call to clamp down on social attitudes that transgress as violence towards women. Unfortunately, the Indian government banned BBC’s documentary ‘India’s Daughter,’ effectlvely sweeping this issue under the rug.


Beware the Truth: Modi Government Asks YouTube To Ban “Lynch Nation” Documentary

Just days ago a veterinarian Priyanka Reddy was brutally raped, murdered and then burnt by two men. The men had tried to help the 27-year-old with a punctured tyre.

Priyanka’s family demanded that the accused be burnt alive in a public execution.

People blamed the government for not having adequate laws.



Others realize that despite the requisite law,  there can be no progress without social reforms against such evils.


Another Nirbhaya

The social media outrage over #PriyankaReddy was so massive some suspect the issue might be another Nirbhaya. Unfortunately even the massive public outrage on Priyanka’s issue came days after rape crimes against two other women.

The series of events leading up to December only makes the Nirbhaya case memory of December, 16 even more painful. Actors like Akshay Kumar paying lip-service is not helping.

Another rape crime took place in Ranchi on November, 26th. A 25-year-old law student was abducted from the roadside at gunpoint. The 12 men then gang-raped her in a brick kiln. Police arrested the kidnappers and rapists within 24 hours.


Around the same time, the body of missing person Roja turned up in Tamil Nadu. The 20-year-old woman’s body was found decomposing in bushes about 2 km from Siruvallur near Kancheepuram. She had been missing since November 23rd.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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