Ali Gul Pir Criticizes A Certain Pop Star With His New Song [Video]

A message for a certain someone?

Ali Gul Pir

Ali Gul Pir’s latest track “Karle Jo Karna Hai” is basically a diss track aimed at harassers. While Ali Gul Pir didn’t name names, there’s speculation his message is for a certain someone.

The artists are calling out harassers for doing whatever they want to with their fame and money, but he would always stand with the victims. Saif Samejo’s tweet lauding Ali Gul Pir’s ‘courage’ and his support against ‘the jerk’, just further affirmed that Ali Gul Pir is allegedly calling out Ali Zafar.

“You have courage and I’m with you against the jerk,”


Ali Gul Pir Responds After Ali Zafar Sends Harassment Notice To Him And Other Stars

The rapper made it clear that he won’t be pressured into silence.

“Chup nahi baithon ga, sab kuch keh dun ga,sabki mein ly ln ga. Karle jo karna hai.”

Support for sexual harassment and rape survivors is something people would like to assume they’d stand for. When it comes to people they know, they’d rather turn a blind eye than persecute a friend.

While the Modi Tera artist’s creations have always been political or social, using the “R” word was a big push towards acceptance of the problem. Which might explain how this polarizing subject elicited mixed reviews.

While many people appreciate the diss track…..others had a problem with the visuals.


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Then there were some folks who just didn’t like what he had to say.


Bottom line is that Ali Gul Pir didn’t name any names so does this qualify as slander? To add to that aren’t works of art exempt from slander and libel laws? Otherwise, imagine the chaos if art had to be factual.


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