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Some People Want To Raid “Area 51” To Uncover Alien Conspiracies

These people are intent to ‘see them aliens’

Area 51 raid

For ages, the Nevada-based Area 51 has always been associated with sci-fi films and secret government conspiracies. From stories of aliens and mutants to mad scientists and crazy experiments, Area 51 served as the perfect foil to explain the unexplainable.

While many generations have just let things be, this social media obsessed one is trying something new. People actually started a Facebook event to go raid Area 51, which is a United States military airbase in Nevada mind you, to ‘see them aliens‘!

So far some 285,000 people have signed up to attend the raid. While another 310,000 are interested in attending.

Facebook event to raid Area 51

The Event

This plan to raid Area 51 has been scheduled for Friday September, 20, 2019.

Given the reinforcements around the high-security, base people might get shot at. According to the discussions on the Facebook page, the assembly of UFO stans will do a ‘Naruto run toward Area 51‘.

The ‘Naruto run‘ refers to manga character Naruto Uzumaki’s run with his arms stretched behind him. This allows him to “move faster than bullets”.

Simply put, they are gonna barge right in.

The Lore Behind Area 51

Area 51 is a very secretive US military base thats nestled between mountain ranges, north of Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was only in 2013 that the American government admitted to the existence of Area 51 in a declassified CIA history file.

Not only is the facility highly secure, access to the facility is highly restricted for miles.

A large area surrounding the military base is highly restricted.


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People have speculated for ages that Area 51 is where alien remnants and artifacts are housed. The base is a beacon for UFO buffs and alien sleuths.

While the US government has never acknowledged interstellar spaceships or little green men surrounding Area 51 operations, the idea that alien cover-ups happen there has been going around for ages.

What the Rest of the Internet Thinks

While these alien sleuths and UFO buffs are intent on raiding Area 51, a lot of people think its’ a joke.

In case whoever started this event page did so as a joke, he/she might as well be marked by these alien fanatics.

Some people decided to have fun regarding the whole thing on social media:

Then there were people who are worried about the real issues.

Suppose this raid does happen. What will the government say to cover it up? Will they bring in the FBI (X-Files Theme and all)?


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The alien buff community is going strong though:

People are already thinking about ways to co-exist with aliens:

If you think this was a joke, apparently people really are starting to show up. At least the government has ample time to beef up security. (over stage another cover-up).

Like they say in the X-Files, the truth is out there!

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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