All the Interesting Details About Naimal Khawar’s Sister’s Wedding [Pictures]

From Ali Hamza being trolled over ‘un-islamic’ dance off to his sister looking like Katrina Kaif!

The Khawar-Abbasi family had a ball at Naimal’s younger sister’s wedding. As the Verna actress indulged in wedding festivities and shared it on social media, people have a lot to say about the event. Here’s all that caught the public eye at Naimal Khawar’s sister’s wedding.

From Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s chemistry to the Anaa actress’ moves on the dance floor. Even Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister Fazeela Abbasi crept into the spotlight.

Right off the bat Netizens noticed how happy the bride and the rest of her fam are. They sure had a good time bugging her new brother-in-law.


Hamza Ali Abbasi Attacked by Trolls Over Naimal’s Fashion Choices

Some confusion about the bride and groom

Naimal Khawar previously shared a look at what seemed to be Fiza Khawar’s wedding. Did we all get it wrong and this is sister Fiza’s wedding not Nisma’s?

Based on Naimal’s recent post, word was Nisma was the one getting hitched.


This mix-up aside, the star couple Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi hogged the spotlight for a bit.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi trolled over dancing videos with wife 

When Naimal Khawar indulged in a little dancing, people brought up how ‘un-Islamic’ this was, calling husband Hamza a hypocrite. He got dragged into the mix over his wife’s choices. This reminds us of the time the Alif actor was slammed because Naimal wore a sleeveless dress.


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Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister Fazeela Abbasi is a doppelganger of Katrina Kaif

Then there was the matter of ‘do you see what I see!’. Does Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister Dr. Fazeela Abbasi look like Katrina Kaif? We know the cosmetic doctor doesn’t really look like the Bollywood actress in-real-life, but there’s just something about this picture.

There you have it folks, everything that grabbed public attention at Naimal Khawar’s sister’s wedding. Have anything to add to the story? Let us know in the comments.