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Another Pashto Singer Lost to ‘Honor Killing’

This has to stop!

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Another day goes by with legislation failing to curb ‘honor killings’. Pashto singer Sana has been killed by her brother, Qasim over her refusing to quit her career.

The murderer was arrested in Faisalabad for ending Sana’s life in Swat. The singer was stabbed to death by her brother outside a music center in District Swat on August 31st.

It isn’t known if Saba died immediately from the attack or due to her injuries. The body was moved to the Saidu Sharif Hospital for a post mortem examination.


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Qasim even confessed to the crime. He said that he told his sister to quit the music industry but she wouldn’t listen to him so he killed her to protect the ‘honor’ of his family.

A Dangerous Profession

Honor killings are a rampant issue in Pakistan. Pashto singers appear to be a particular target of these attacks. Recently on May 7th, a local singer Meena was also killed in Swat.

According to the police, Meena was killed by her husband in Swat’s Banr district. In February, stage actor Sumbal was shot in the Shaikh Maltoon area of Mardan.

Last year in August renowned songstress Resham Khan was killed by her husband in Naushera.  Pashto singer Ghazala Javed was also killed by her husband.


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Pashto artist Ayman Udas was allegedly killed by her brothers. Singer Rabia Tabasum was poisoned.

The 18-year-old Pashto singer Karishma Shahzadi was allegedly murdered using a spurious injection in Charsadda.

Another 18-year-old actress Bushra survived an acid attack in Nowshera. Meanwhile, singer Nazia Iqbal fled to England amid threats from relatives.

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