Anupam Kher is Inspired By Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ for Ongoing Kashmir Crisis

About 40,000 troops ‘mainstreaming’ Kashmir spells genocide

Kashmir Solution

As Pakistani artists are calling out massive human rights violations in Kashmir, ‘Daish Bakhts‘ like Bollywood’s Anupam Kher are encouraging it. Apparently Kher is okay with calling for genocide of Kashmiris, gleefully referring to the recent happenings as the ‘Kashmir solution‘.

Here is what he tweeted recently:

What Is India Doing In Kashmir?

Despite protests from within the Indian parliament, Bhartia Janata Party’s (BJP) Home Minister Amit Shah wiped the Indian Constitution’s Article 370 and Article 35 A. Both these legal clauses acknowledged Kashmir’s disputed status and granted it special status.

This means that before, Kashmir was not considered as another province of India. Unfortunately, India wants to change this now.

BJP is calling this their ‘final Kashmir Solution’ in an attempt to ‘mainstream Kashmir’. This isn’t even the half of it. The ‘mainstreaming’ will involve mass genocide of Kashmiris as 40,000 additional Indian troops are being deployed to Kashmir to pave the way.

Additionally, Indians can now purchase land in Kashmir and kick out the natives of the land, just like what is happening in Palestine.


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Anupam Kher Is Calling for Genocide

While progressive Indians are appalled by the Indian government’s declaration of disputed territory Jammu and Kashmir as an Indian state. People like Anupam Kher are calling it the ‘Kashmir solution.‘ The tweet was undoubtedly inspired by Hitler’s ‘final solution‘.

Even the controversial American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones did not shy away from calling this what it is, a form of neo-Nazism.


Responsible Indian citizens and Kashmiris are not shying away from calling out this call to genocide.



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BJP’s mainstreaming of Kashmir is aimed at fortifying territory, not integrating people.


There were plenty of references to Nazism, because that’s what comes to mind when we think of mass ethnic cleansing.

One South Asian observer pointed out how the lack of coverage on the issue now is a prelude to the fact that this genocide will not be listed as the second Reich in history. After all, Modi’s been accepted as a head of state twice now despite his war crimes case in the International Criminal Court (ICC) following him masterminding and ordering the Gujrat Muslim cleansing.


Another case in the ICC may not make a difference. No one stood up for Rohingya Muslims amidst their genocide in Myanmar for years, either.



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Of course, Pakistanis had to highlight this blatant condoning of genocide.


Pakistani journalists really dug in.

Yes, this man is a United Nations ambassador for gender equality. Ironically while he’s an advocate for gender equality he can’t see past ethnicity and religion.

This is a poorly thought out tweet, one that normalizes hate and violence against an entire region. Anupam Kher should have known better.


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