Are Farhad’s Antics In ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’ Turning Problematic?

The latest episode of ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’ showed an intense scene between the two leads

Khuda Aur Mohabbat is perhaps the most talked-about drama of recent times. Starring Feroze Khan and Iqra Aziz in lead roles, this pseudo-romantic play has failed to live up to our hopes. In the latest episode, we saw an intense encounter between Farhad and Mahi. This led to a lot of debate amongst people as many viewed Farhad’s character to be highly problematic.


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This week’s episode showed Mahi clearly telling Farhad that she is not interested in him and will soon be getting married to a very affluent man. Despite knowing his social status and the fact that Mahi never fell in love with him, Farhad gives a rather bitter reaction to Mahi’s confession.

What is wrong with Farhad in Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Farhad’s character is projected as a true, selfless lover, however, his actions prove otherwise. As soon as he realizes that Mahi does not love him at all, he starts ridiculing her. He continues to curse her till the time our ears start to hurt. We fail to understand that what sort of lover abuses his lady love in such a brutal manner.

Unfortunately, instead of proving himself as the hero, Farhad is turning out to be a villain who is chasing and annoying the poor girl. Even though he knows that Mahi has never confessed love towards him yet he believes that Mahi should still adore him! This is patriarchy at its best!

Time to change the narrative

We all need to realize that it’s 2021 and everyone has a right to choose his/her life partner. One cannot enforce themselves upon others. Why do producers still want to show extremism as a form of love? It’s high time we reject such artificial heroes who know nothing more than being absolute creeps. Khuda Aur Mohabbat can definitely do better!




Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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  1. Yeah I didn’t expect mahi to be cursed by Farhad 🙁 rather they would have made slight changes in mahi and Farhad love story 😇 like Farhad could have proposed mahi and mahi would have accepted his proposal in her friends marraige 😐 then mahi could have rejected him when he again said his feelings in the library 🙁 may be that could have made sense ☺️

  2. I think the purpose of this scene is to show that Mahi can only do what her family wants because of how conservative they are. She got to be her free self in Lahore at her friends party. She may have found Farhad attractive but she held back because she knew her limits. She appreciates Farhad’s love and has said if she wasn’t the affluent family’s Mahi it could have been something else. Farhad’s love means something to her. But if you think about it, what did Taimur do? Same, stalked her, but he hails from an affluent family, he sent a rishta and got accepted. However, Farhad went himself because he wanted Mahi’s approval first. So why doesn’t anyone talk about Taimur and the way he approached it. This is Indian culture unfortunately. Furthermore, Mahi is struggling, she doesn’t know Taimur, but was “friends” with Farhad. At the end of the day she feels but it is suppressing. As for Farhad’s baddua, this happens, when someone really hurts and they heart hurts you may think or say things. I don’t think he meant them, he was really heartbroken. He saw a totally different side to Mahi. However, now this story needed this scene, because Farhad will mature and so will his love. He will realize and feel guilty for the baddua, this will lead him to the path of Allah. Mahi will struggle with her feelings and fall in love Farhad after seeing who he really is, especially seeing his religious side. 🙂

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