Armeena Khan Lashes Out at ‘Moral Police’ for Sexualizing Her Maternity Shoot

“MY SPACE, not yours”.

Actress and soon-to-be-mother, Armeena Khan, slammed Pakistani ‘moral police’ who were triggered by her maternity shoot photos that she recently posted on Instagram. While many people praised her and sent her good wishes, others felt uncomfortable by how she looked and some even left hateful comments on her post.

However, the actress is not one to stay quiet and she called the haters out, and encouraged women to claim their spaces and proudly embrace all aspects of motherhood.

She also shared a comment by a netizen who reduced the maternity shoot to a “Hollywood copy” and stated that women nowadays empower themselves by “copying the kuffar (non-believers)”. Armeena responded on her Instagram story, saying, “Hey ladies! Don’t be like [her], she is a hypocrite.”

The actress followed that up with a PSA that she plans on talking about her delivery and all the details involved. She wrote,

MY SPACE, not yours. If I haven’t triggered you religious fanatics enough yet, watch this space.

Armeena Khan went on to share a few such comments on her Instagram story and wrote,

There is nothing shameful about something so natural, so kindly stop sexualizing our bodies. Keep your religious sermons to yourself.

Armeena Rana Khan is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The Pakistani-Canadian film and TV actress married her childhood sweetheart, British-Pakistani businessman and politician Fesl Khan, in 2019 after being engaged for two years, and made an official announcement of their wedding on Valentine’s Day in 2020.

The couple announced that the two are expecting their first child together with a similar maternity photoshoot last week.


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