ARY’s “Salam Zindagi with Faisal Qureshi” Comes to an End

Now fans are asking why.

Faisal Qureshi

There are rumors afloat that ARY Zindagi, ARY Network’s entertainment channel, is closing down their morning show Salam Zindagi with Faisal Qureshi. Yes, it’s official because they even had a farewell segment on the last run of the morning show.


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The crew and host of Salam Zindagi alike teared up as they ‘celebrated’ a good run. While Faisal Qureshi was comforting his crew, he too was holding back tears.

We know all good things must come to an end but not so abruptly.

Why is Salam Zindagi shutting down?

There’s a lot of theories going around as to why Faisal Qureshi morning show’s operations were ceased so abruptly. Some assumed that Faisal was out to pursue better prospects.

Some people were confused and thought the channel was closing down. In their mind, there was no other logical explanation for ceasing Faisal’s show.


Then there were the conspiracy theories.


Some people knew about the whole thing beforehand. So it’s not really that abrupt.


Let’s not forget when Subh Saverey Samaa Kay Saath, Saman Baloch’s morning show was abruptly ceased. ARY Zindagi has nothing but good things to say about Faisal Qureshi so we’re assuming its not a fallout.



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What’s next for Faisal?

Even if this is an end to Salam Zindagi, this is not the last we’ll be seeing of Faisal Qureshi on our screen. Faisal is making a comeback to the silver screen with Baadshah Begum.

The Haiwan actor is set to play the antagonist in the highly anticipated period drama, Baadshah Begum. While Baadshah Begum’s release date is yet to be announced, we know that Umair Najeeb Khan is part of the web series.


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  1. Please shut all these bogus plethora including Good Morning Pakistan host Nida Yasir…Is she and her whole family have some deal package with Ary..Come up with new host and innovative as well informative idea..

  2. Faisal bhaiiii ??? why??? Apka show kyun band horahaa hai.. Will missing U a lot.. Aadi bhai u make me cry. Please come back with something new

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