Asad Umar’s Viral Wedding Dance Attracts Love and Hate [Video]

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Asad Umar dance

Like most parents, Asad Umar had a ball at his son’s wedding. Except when an Asad Umar dance video went viral and Twitter had mixed feelings about the whole thing.

When the Minister of Planning’s son Asif Umar got married, he did dance at the wedding. How did this become such a big deal though?

For most parents, it’s a milestone moment to witness this day in the life of your children. Those who are fortunate enough to share this memory with their children have a ball.

That’s what a wedding embodies to begin with, having fun and celebrating. That’s why with the viral Asad Umar dance video igniting mixed reactions, most people agree that the man deserves to let loose at his son’s wedding.


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Yet at the same time, some people can’t unsee the former Finance Minister getting down to ‘Billo De Ghar‘.


This man made a point we can all get behind.


It wasn’t all jolly good fun because the man got trolled for dancing at his son’s wedding.


This one’s funny because the last time this guy interviewed Asad Umar, he was booted out from his job.


Things got political even here. How does something as normal as parents having fun at a child’s wedding get political?


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Thankfully, some netizens also jumped in to tell trolls to ‘just let the man live his regular life’.

Having opinions about Asad Umar’s dance skills is totally okay though.



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