Assma Galuta Pardons Two Men Who Harassed Her in Islamabad

Quite the magnanimous gesture of mercy.


Yesterday, we reported that the two men who harassed and stalked Canadian model and human rights activist Assma Galuta, were apprehended and identified at Islamabad.

In a merciful gesture, Assma pardoned the two individuals despite the mental anguish they caused her after following her car for hours in Islamabad. The police released them after a few hours as Assma had pardoned them.

Assma Galuta is a Canadian national who is renowned for uplifting refugees. She’s also a travel blogger, and happens to be married to a Pakistani.

On April 15, after going public with her account of harassment at the hands of two men in Islamabad, she ended up submitting a complaint to Citizen Portal. The police finally registered the FIR against the culprits who had harassed her in Bahria Town Phase VII.

Following Assma’s complaint, it was forwarded to IGP Islamabad on April 16, after which the police decided to register an FIR, an act they were previously reluctant to.


Police Nabs 2 Miscreants Who Harassed Canadian Model Assma Galuta

How the Police Found the Criminals

The police launched their investigation soon after. After the FIR was registered, it took them two days to trace the whereabouts of the culprits. Their investigation revealed that the two were Bahria Town residents and attended a university. They arrested them soon after.


Once in custody, the police informed Assma to come and identify the culprits. She positively IDed them.

The culprits, who had been identified, started to apologize to the Canadian rights activist. Even their parents, especially their mothers and sisters, requested Assma to forgive them.

Assma Galuta accepted their apology, and asked the police to release them since she had pardoned them. Soon, the suspects were released as well.


FIR Registered Against 2 Men for Harassing Canadian Model in Islamabad

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  1. This culture of forgiveness has ruined Pakistan. Assma Gulata is as responsible for the deteriorating moral values in Pakistan as the two culprits.

  2. Crazy marry with a Pakistani. Everyone have a idea for get out of this country. Your customs and not security is not recommend for visit. I don’t know why state Department up the restrictions and beto for missing security. With these antecedent this woman desire marry with a Pakistani !? Is similar in India sexual attacks for everyone womans tourists, alone or with company. Very bad and sad condition. In lahore concert have other attack two girls, is true.

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