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FIR Registered Against 2 Men for Harassing Canadian Model in Islamabad

Hope the victim gets justice.


Two men were booked for harassing a Canadian model, Asoomii Jay in Islamabad. There has been no word of their arrest so far.

On Tuesday, two unidentified men were booked under harassment charges. While the actual offense took place on a Sunday, the police did not take notice of the Canadian Instagram model and activist’s complaint straightaway.

Initially, when the activist approached the police with the problem, they chose to brush it off. Asoomii Jay AKA Assma Galuta then shared the story of her ordeal on Instagram.

After facing pressure on social media, the police decided to step in.

What Happened

Asoomii described how she was waiting for her Uber outside the mall in Bahria Phase 7 when two men in a car pulled up. As she moved away, they followed her.

They ended up pulling their the vehicle in front of the Uber, and preventing her from leaving.

After she managed to finally get into her Uber ride, they started following her. Asoomii feared the worse and decided to get off a mall so that she could lose the deviants.

Here’s what she said:

“I had to change my drop-off location and hide in the mall until [I] was sure they were gone and then I went to my Airbnb,”

How the FIR Got Registered

When the police failed to do anything, a Pakistani follower asked Asoomii to use the Pakistan Citizen Portal to report harassment.

By that time police felt the heat and finally filed a complaint. The Sihala Police Station’s FIR listed charges of attempting to illegally confine, criminally intimidate and assault.

The copy of the FIR / Image Source: Tribune

Islamabad Police spokesperson said that IGP Amir Zulfiqar Khan also took notice of the incident and directed his force to arrest the hoodlums.

As per the police investigation, the suspects’ car was registered to a Lahore resident. Police sources revealed that a team will soon be sent to the Punjab capital to apprehend the suspects.


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Who is Asoomii Jay?

Assma Galuta is known for her humanitarian work in Pakistan. She got married to a Pakistani in 2018.

This is a woman who has been highlighting various social issues ranging from children’s health to poverty. She is currently visiting the country to help build water wells for Afghan refugee camps in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

View this post on Instagram

These children are of the Gardez Tribe of Afghanistan. Their elders fled with nothing when the Russians were bombing them. They hid in the mountains for 40 days but once they realised they had no home to return to, they walked barefoot for 8 days until they reached this land. They were given tents by UNHCR but after a year of weather conditions, the tends were destroyed and they managed to build these clay homes themselves but they have been neglected by the UN for the past 10 years. No supplies or water coming in. And they have been asked to leave this mountain land. Where can they go back to? Their only means of survival is beekeeping in the mountain they live in to produce and sell honey but they hope their children can have an education for a better future and life than they have. They have no water (I will be fundraising to build a water pump/well), and I learnt a lot today about what they actually need. I felt embarrassed that I brought sanitary pads to the women but found out they don’t even have underwear… I will be adding underclothing to the next donation list. But thank you to everyone who has donated ❤️ Even if we cannot change their situation, you helped ease their suffering for a little bit and give them some hope 🤗 Thank you @musher01 for joining me and helping with everything from taking care of me when I was sick, to translations and distribution. You are a rare gem ❤️🇦🇫 #afghanistan #khyberpakhtunkhwa #afghan #refugee #refugeecamp #UNHCR #UN #humanitarianwork #pakistan #humanity #ummah #onelove #islam #muslim #activist #activism

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One of her current projects includes raising awareness about social injustices including Islamophobia.

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Last year in London, I felt disappointed to hear that the EU passed a law allowing the ban of hijab in the workplace. I thought about my mother who wears the hijab, my friends who wear it and get discriminated daily, and thought of my own personal experience of being told to leave canada, not given a chance professionally and having been discriminated against, and so I wanted to see if there’s hope in humanity, if people really did agree with their politicians & media when it came to Muslims & their rights. The results both shocked & restored my faith in humanity. . The video is called “Ban the Hijab project” on my YouTube channel. . #Islamophobia #muslim #ummah #islam #hijab #iamamuslim #banthehijab #christchurch #whitesupremacy

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The Aftermath

However, it seems that even this kind-hearted activist can’t evade victim shamers. Recently, Assma Galuta reposted another video that focused on accountability for crimes.

When we brush aside harassment as a case of ‘boys being boys’ this normalizes an otherwise criminal act.

Here’s the full story:


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Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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