Atif Aslam Performs with 8 Year Old Hadiya Hashmi at Coke Fest Lahore [Video]

Her cover of ‘Mere Naghme Tumhare Liye Hain’ made the crowd swoon.


Atif Aslam and 8 year old singing sensation Hadiya Hashimi stole the show at Coke Fest Lahore.

During a live Coke festival performance in Lahore, Atif Aslam stole the show by having someone else perform. The 12 Bajay singer introduced the eight-year-old Hadiya Hashmi as Pakistan’s ‘future superstar’.

When the two took the stage the crowd went wild. The duo performed the national song ‘Mere Naghme Tumhare Liye Hain‘. They also performed Atif’s famous track Dil Diyan Gallan.


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Atif was all praise for the Nescafe Basement sensation. He called Hadiya beautiful in more ways than one.

“She’s just a beautiful soul, beautiful human being and beautiful singer.”

Bol Hu famed singer Hadiya Hashmi became an internet sensation with her powerful vocals in Nescafe Basement Season 5. The eight-year-old was called the next Abida Parveen.


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The child star whe sharing the stage with Atif Aslam at Lahore’s live Coke festival was a surprise. Hadiya was not in the Coke Festival Lahore artist line-up.

Hadiya Hashmi and Atif Aslem at Coke Fest Lahore
Image Source: @AsiforAtif Instagram

Hadiya made the audience swoon by singing Noor Jahan’s famous ‘Mere Naghme Tumhare Liye Hain’. The track is one of the mots hit patriotic songs of all time.


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