Ayeza Khan As ‘Geeti’ Cries Fake Harassment in ‘Laapata’ [Video]

People are not happy that Ayeza Khan is playing a character that promoted an incident of fake harassment.

Ayeza Khan - Laapata

As women are taking to the streets to protest against rising femicide, people are not happy that Ayeza Khan is playing a character that promoted an incident of fake harassment.

Ayeza Khan’s ‘Geeti Princess’ in Hum Tv’s drama serial Laapata is seen threatening a shopkeeper with harassment claims. In the scene, the shopkeeper brings up how Geeti hasn’t paid him for months. That’s when she threatens him saying;

Tou thek hai, ab daikhein ap meri social media power. (Okay now just watch my social media power)”


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She then makes a video addressed to all her TikTok followers alleging;

Aj mein ek chotay sey muhaly ki choti si dukan par shopping krne ayi thi. (I came to a small shop in a small neighborhood) Aur ye bhai sahb mujh sey ulti seedi baatein kr rahay thay. (This man started saying inappropriate things to me.) Shaid inhein pta nahi hai k Pakistan k qanoon mein khobsoorat larki ko cherni ki kya saza hoti hai! (Perhaps he doesn’t know what the punishment is for harassing a beautiful girl according to Pakistani law!)”

Yes, that really happened! To say the public is outraged is an understatement. With the worsening situation regarding the safety and security of women in Pakistan, the timing of this drama scene couldn’t be worse. This definitely came off as insensitive, to say the least.



Others called this deliberate propaganda to undermine the issue of women’s security and harassment.


Netizens called out actors to be more responsible. Then again, Ayeza Khan hasn’t ever taken on projects that are thought-provoking unlike actors like Yumna Zaidi and Sarah Khan



People even pointed out saying, was Dunk not enough?


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People are taken aback at why drama serials won’t focus on real issues.




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Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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