Ayeza Khan Gets Criticized For Promoting Skin Lightening Cream

What happened here?

As many celebs have been fighting against colorism in the Pakistani entertainment industry, it’s disappointing when a household name like Ayeza Khan is promoting a fairness cream. The Meharposh actress is in hot water for promoting the skin lightening product.

When model-cum-actress Amna Ilyas has been combating colorism in the industry for ages, it’s sad to see the industry regress when renowned actresses promote skin lightening products even now. Even Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actress Iqra Aziz asserted that she would never endorse a fairness cream.


Unilever is Rebranding Fair & Lovely Fairness Creams

This is a world where even Fair and Lovely decided to rebrand themselves and ditch the skin-lightening label.

But it seems that Ayeza did not get the memo.

Ayeza Khan under fire

In this ad, Ayeza Khan is endorsing Faiza Beauty Cream. The product is specifically a skin-lightening product. The commercial even had the Koi Chand Rakh actress credit her success to skin lightening and the fairness cream, Faiza Beauty Cream.


Fans are not amused

Fans want the Pyarey Afzal actress and other celebrities to stop promoting skin lightening products. As influential figures, celebs ought to use their platform more responsibly.



Fans are disappointed to say the least. Others brought up how celebs ought to learn from the past.


Zara Noor Abbas Doesn’t Understand How Beauty Creams Promote Racism

In the past, Sajal Aly and Zara Noor Abbas have been slammed online for promoting skin lightening products. Amid this discussion, audiences hailed actresses like Mahira Khan and Iqra Aziz for never having endorsed skin-lightening products.

Colorism has long been an issue in the entertainment industry. Celebs like Amna Ilyas and Zara Abid had been very vocal about the issue.


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  1. I have found out that in the UK Faiza beauty cream has been banned due to some objections regarding its ingredients which are not suitable for use. It is not sold now in cosmetics/Indian/Pakistani stores.

  2. Skin lightening cream is wrong and Allah swt made no mistake for creating us . It’s wrong for any celebs to endorse those products because what’s kind of example are we setting for women and young girls . What’s about the males ? The males think having a woman who lighter skin is more prestige.
    Regardless of skin colour should not impact on a woman personality. Look personality not skin colour !!!!!!

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