Ayeza Khan Trolled for Ruining Gol Gappas

The actress went viral on social media for recreating Noor Jehan’s hit song ‘Naseebo Wali’.

Showbiz diva Ayeza Khan seems to have ruined gol gappas for everyone during her photoshoot for designer Ali Xeeshan’s upcoming Shabo Shahzadi collection. People online trolled the Chupke Chupke actress for grimacing while chomping down on the popular street food.

Dressed in an olive green peshwas paired with an organza dupatta, Ayeza Khan, took a mouthful of a delicious gol gappa. However, the internet couldn’t help but laugh at the popular diva’s over-the-top expression and her hair and makeup.

ayeza khan

Here is what everyone thought of the ‘gol gappa shot’.

One netizen even pointed out that Ayeza Khan resembles the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

Ayeza Khan certainly knows how to make headlines on social media. She recently went viral for her performance to pay tribute to the legendary Shabnam Jee and Madam Noor Jehan by recreating the hit song Naseebo Wali while dolled up in beautiful designer outfits from Ali Xeeshan’s Shabo Shahzadi collection.

Ayeza Khan is one of the most famous Pakistani actresses of her generation. She is a household name and a mainstay in showbiz with her amazing acting skills and endorsement of popular brands.

The Laapata star can make anything look good whether it’s a fashion photo shoot or a bridal campaign. Her superhit drama Mere Pass Tum Ho was a breakthrough in her career and she continues to reach the heights of fame with brilliant performances in hit dramas such as Chupke ChupkeMehar Posh, and Laapata.

What do you think about Ayeza Khan’s gol gappa shot? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. This nation has disease of trolling others. Specially women who consider themselves superior to others. I am surprised to see how much poisonous these women are as they will never get old or would not get any pimple. Pathetic mentality

  2. Jo bhi ho best hain ayeza khan .agar kabhi aik pic kisi ki kharab bhi ajaey tu pechay he parh jaty ho zalimo.es jesa ho kar dekhao 👊

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