Azam Khan’s May Dump Proves He’s the Coolest Cricketer in Pakistan

From Tabish Hashmi to QB, the young cricketer has some interesting friends.

In a delightful treat for his fans, young cricketer Azam Khan shared a series of captivating clicks, offering a sneak peek into his exciting social life last month.

Moin Khan’s talented son has become quite a popular figure in Pakistan due to his explosive batting and fun-loving personality.

From hanging out with Momin Saqib to taking selfies with Wahab Riaz, this young wicketkeeper-batsman proved that he’s not just a formidable presence on the field but also a charismatic personality off it.

One of the highlights of Azam Khan’s May photo dump was his hangout session with renowned comedian and host of the popular show Hasna Mana Hai, Tabish Hashmi.

The two were captured sharing hearty laughs and striking a pose that reflected their undeniable camaraderie.

Not only did Azam Khan have a great time with Tabish Hashmi, but he also shared candid moments with other notable figures. Amaan Ahmed, a prominent name in the entertainment industry who is married to actress Maryam Nafeees, was seen enjoying some quality time with Azam, adding an element of star power to the occasion.

The photo dump didn’t stop there, as Azam Khan also had the pleasure of spending time with the talented comedian Momin Saqib. Their infectious energy and infectious smiles lit up the frames, showcasing a genuine bond of friendship.

Furthermore, the cricket sensation crossed paths with the seasoned former cricketer Wahab Riaz, creating a memorable moment for both players. Their encounter was captured in a snapshot that exuded a mix of mutual respect and admiration.

Azam Khan continues to win over fans with his fun-loving personality. Not long ago, the young cricketer was seen hanging out with QB.

We can’t wait to see what Azam has planned for June.

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  1. I am sorry,
    You have the wrong definition of coolest.
    Snapping pics everywhere every time and showing it all to the world don’t make you cool.
    Having a personality and character which cares for more than yourself is the definition of a cool guy.
    Burger is more fitting definition after watching these pics.