Top 10 Atif Aslam Songs For Every Occasion

Relive Atif’s timeless classics during his career.

atif aslam songs

Pakistan is a country loaded with exceptional talent in every industry. But unfortunately, not everyone gets a chance to prove themselves and make a name.

One of those fortunate artists was given a chance to show beyond doubt that he is the best one out there. He did not just win hearts within the country but blew off people’s minds across the globe, raising his country’s flag even higher. Yes, you guessed it right, he’s none other than the famous and most talented Atif Aslam.

Atif is a Pakistani playback singer, music composer, and actor. He gave us so many favorites that it is hard to pick one. Atif is widely known for his vocal belting technique. He doesn’t sing in Urdu only, but also Punjabi, Bengali, and even Arabic.

Back in 2008, Atif was awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for his efforts. He has received various awards for his oh-so-unique music. This year we’ve also seen that he was awarded The Dubai Walk of fame-Star for being the ‘Best Singer in Pakistan’.

According to Atif, he has never received any training in music and started taking interest in it when he was in college, which is something a little hard to believe because how can somebody be so good at such a young age? He told that it was his friends who pushed him to pursue his career in this field. He also mentioned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan being his inspiration.

Atif initially was the lead singer of the Jal band alongside Goher Mumtaz. The first song he sang with the band was  Aadat in 2003 while he was still 17. It was written by Goher Mumtaz. The song was recorded with his own pocket money and uploaded on the internet which instantly gained so much fame that it became a youth anthem.


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The Best Atif Aslam Songs out there

From that day onwards, Atif has never failed to amaze us. Here are the top 10 favorite Atif Aslam songs that take our breath away.


Wohi Khuda Hai



Jal Pari

Bheegi Yaadein


Hum Kis Gali

Pehli Nazar

Tera Hone Laga Hoon

Mein Rang Sharbaton Ka


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So, which of the Atif Aslam songs is your favorite?


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