Bilal Saeed Apologizes For Shooting Video Inside Mosque [Video]

Here’s what happened.

Bilal Saeed

What is it with the controversy surrounding Bilal Saeed’s latest track ‘Qubool Hai‘ featuring Saba Qamar? Are people still sore about this misunderstanding that the two got hitched, or is it about something else?

Recently Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed shared an image of them all decked out in bridal wear captioned ‘Qubool Hai‘. People immediately thought if this is another celebrity wedding.

Later the artists revealed that picture was actually a teaser for Bilal Saeed’s single ‘Qubool Hai‘.


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The music video showcased a ‘Nikah sequence‘ shot in the Wazir Khan Masjid. It is pertinent to note that Assistant Director of Tableegh e Tarbiyyat had also given permission for the shooting.

However, the music video led many to believe there was some singing or dancing in the mosque as it was shot at the Wazir Khan Masjid.

The thing with music videos is that no music is playing when they film the scenes. The song’s audio is added later. Yet, for those who don’t know (a lot of people apparently), this became a matter of controversy.

Basically, when Saba Qamar shared a snippet from the song on TikTok, that’s when the allegations emerged. That’s when Director-General Religious Affairs and Secretary of the department initiated an inquiry against the production house and officials involved.

Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Budar even took notice of the issue.

“The mosque is the holiest place and no one can be allowed to trample upon its sanctity. Whosoever is found responsible will not be spared,”

Officials were even suspended and there was a whole lot of trouble. So now, Bilal Saeed issued an apology to those that didn’t understand how music videos are produced.

“We realize what has happened over the past few days has hurt your sentiments deeply. We as Muslims, as decent human beings and as artists will never, ever trivialize or condone disrespect to Islam or any other religion, race, caste, color or creed.”


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Bilal Saeed apologized on behalf of Saba Qamar and his team as well.

“If we have unknowingly hurt anyone’s sentiments we apologise to you all with all our heart. Please find the video below as a sincere apology from myself, Saba Qamar, and the rest of the team.”

Bilal says he will cut that part out from his upcoming video. Perhaps that is the end to this controversy?


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