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BOL TV Ordered By Court to Stop Broadcasting “Phir Bulbulay”

ARY and BOL are in a tug of war with Bulbulay.


There is no doubt that the long-running sitcom Bulbulay has been a fan favorite for quite a long time. The cast of the show is loved and praised by all and the most iconic character of the show Momo played by Hina Dilpazeer has become a legend among fans.

The show has been airing on ARY Digital for many years now and the channels have been consistently airing the old episodes of the show because of its huge fan following.

Some posts on social media revealed that new episodes of the show are being produced which made the fans all excited.

A twist in the tale came in when Bol Entertainment started airing the show on their channel using the name Phir Bulbulay and claimed that this is the season 2 of the famous TV show which will feature new episodes. The confusing part? This very season was supposed to start airing on ARY from Eid ul Fitr.


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So what happened? Read on to find out why two channels are clashing over the hit sitcom.

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What Actually Happened

A few years ago, noted actor Nabeel Zafar, one of the producers behind Bulbulay, was appointed as the CEO of BOL Entertainment. He decided to take his show to BOL and some episodes of the comedy were produced there.

However, he left his position at BOL over non-payment of dues. Talking about his time at Bol and responding to the recent controversy about Bulbulay, he revealed that:

“When I was the CEO of Bol Entertainment for some time, there was a decision of airing my show Bulbulay there. So, some episodes for the show were produced. However, due to issues of mismanagement over at the channel, which includes my unpaid salary for almost 15 months, I left that position and all association with it.”


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He added that the show will keep on airing at ARY Digital and will feature special episodes on the first and second day of Eid-ul-Fitr . Afterward, the show will resume programming at its allocated weekend slot.

“…….Bulbulay will continue to retain its home at ARY with new episodes being shot and ready to air on Eid and afterward. It is a win-win situation.”

Why is Bol Entertainment Airing the Episodes?

Nabeel said in an interview that Bol Entertainment has no right whatsoever to air these episodes as they are his property. But the problem is that these episodes were produced at Bol when he was the CEO of its entertainment division. These episodes still remain with the channel and have not been returned to him.


ARY filed a lawsuit against BOL for illegally airing the show. Just recently, the court issued a stay order against BOL TV and stopped them from airing the show Phir Bulbulay.

ARY and the makers of the show are now celebrating their victory and have announced that ARY will exclusively launch the second season of Bulbulay after Eid-ul-Fitr.


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  1. We feel BOL Entertainment is better than ARY Digital, besides our cable operator has put ARY Digitial right at the bottom and we do not get clear view of ARY Digital hence we cannot see ARY Digital programe’s at all. This is in the entire area, we complained to the cable operator, no response from them. Therefore kindly show phir se bulbally on BOL Tv Entertainment instead of ARY Digital.

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