Pakistani Couple Invites Street Children To Their Valima [Pictures]

A couple in Bannu has our hearts melting with their valima arrangement.

Valima - street children

A couple in Bannu has our hearts melting with their unique valima arrangement. Dr. Natasha Rizwan and Bannu Assistant Commissioner Usman Ashraf invited street children to their valima.

For their reception, this exemplary couple decided to share their happiness with the neglected future of our country. Gujrat native, Assistant Commissioner Usman Ashraf and his bride Dr. Natasha Rizwan held their celebrations in the streets for all the right reasons.

Valima - street children
Dr. Natasha Rizwan and Bannu Assistant Commissioner Usman Ashraf


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The move was an effort to include street children in their reception. While we all agree children are the light of our lives, we turn a blind eye to street children, despite them also being the future of the nation.

Valima - street children
Street children in Bannu enjoying the valima

Pakistan Observer reported that the duo tied the knot a few days ago. While speaking to a private television channel the AC revealed that social gatherings are banned anyway, so he decided to take to the streets for their valima.

Valima - street children
The couple interacting with the children

He’s currently working on a project for the education of street children and so he and his partner decided they’d share their happiness with these little angels.

“In this time of Covid-19, gatherings are banned so we chose a simple reception and as I am working on two projects, including urban plantation and the education for street children, I thought we should celebrate our happiness with them.”



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Dr. Natasha Rizwan’s wife said that she did dream of a lavish wedding but the valima she got was the best.

“We should normalize simple wedding trends and avoid extravagant expenses on rituals,” she stressed.


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