Couple Who Hugged Each Other on Campus Expelled from University of Lahore

Did the administration make the right decision?

University of Lahore - viral UoL couple

A video of a girl proposing to the boy she liked is going viral on social media. The people in the video are actually the students of University of Lahore and after the video made several rounds on the Internet, the university has taken strict action against them.

Yesterday, a video was shared on the Facebook page of the University Of Lahore (UOL) wherein a girl can be seen proposing to the man she adores. She gets down one on knee, and asks him out by giving him a bouquet of flowers. Her words are not clear in the video, as the loud cheer from the crowd drowns her voice.

The video ends with the couple embracing each other and the crowd gushing over them. Let’s take a look at the video first.


This video has gone viral in the last few hours and #UniversityOfLahore is trending on Twitter. Netizens are furious right now and they want the authorities to take strict action against the students involved.

The PDA filled video has disappointed many and netizens are saying that the couple has “violated the code of conduct of the educational institute” and attempted to “spread obscenity” on campus.




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University of Lahore takes strict action against the students

The administration of the University of Lahore has responded to the event and the students have been expelled for “promoting public immorality”.

In a public statement, the institute said that the students, namely Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar Ahmed were called to appear before the Special Disciplinary Committee. However, they did not show up at all.

The statement calls it a “gross misconduct and violation of University rules” and says,

“The Special Disciplinary Committee in pursuance of Section 9 of General Discipline Rules and Code of Conduct on the Campus decided to expel Ms. Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar Ahmad for violating University’s rule and regulations and serious infraction of the code of conduct.”

Moreover, “they are debarred from entering the premises of University of Lahore and all its sub-campuses”.

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Sources claim that the couple was also charged with a hefty fine, however, it hasn’t been confirmed yet.



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