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Danish Taimoor Should Be Ashamed of Himself After Yesterday’s Ramzan Transmission

This is no way to address a member of a minority in Pakistan. And that too on live TV.


Ramzan teaches us to be better human beings. It is a month about tolerance, about knowing the pain of others. But sadly, these important lessons are lost on some people, even if they happen to be well-dressed and well-educated celebrities who should know better.

Recently, during Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga, actor and host Danish Taimoor, who is in charge of Bol TV’s Ramzan transmission as well, made some pretty patronizing and disgusting remarks to a member of the audience.


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You can watch it here:

Here’s how the whole exchange went down:

  • Danish: “Kya naam hae aapka?”
  • Audience member: “Pawan Kumar”
  • Danish: “Aap ko nahi pata hoga. Saaray Islamic questions haen”

Basically, Danish had a question regarding Islamic history that he wanted a member of the audience to answer. However, the audience member he chose was a practicing Hindu, and this made Danish utter some highly uncalled for remarks.

As per Danish, only Muslims can answer questions regarding Islamic history. That’s great, if his aim is to style himself as someone superior, or if he doesn’t want members of other faiths to be interested in Islamic history.

An Irresponsible Act

Danish Taimoor needs to apologize to Rawan Kumar. His behavior highlights how education and wealth is no excuse when it comes to treating a member of the minority. Going by what is happening next door in India, Pakistanis are supposed to be better when it comes to how we treat our minorities.


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We certainly hope better sense prevails and that Danish Taimoor does the needful.

Written by Lens Staff


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  1. I dont think taimoor needs to apologies. Obviously show is running on islamic general knowledge so it was better to lay off on that question even next contestant was mum too. So do not try to make a mole hill.

    • He needs to apologise. Being host he should have thrown some other question regarding pak history. You need presence of mind and not to ridicule the religion. Well tolerance is what required the most in this country. Fame and money doesnot teach values.

  2. Jb apko pata hi nahi hoga Islamic history k hawale see tho wo question q Karegy Islamic history k hawale see and Muslim lady see bhi pouch Lia unko bhi konsa pata tha jawab and hum bohat door ha history se apne …😢😢😢😢

  3. Taimoor Should be apologize for his act…
    Ms Amna ,
    Would u like to tell me plz that Pawan k chehre p kuch likha tha kia ,k us k pas jawab nai honge , when a actor or celebrity hosting any show he will be more decision maker , Taimoor ko itna pata hona Chye k us k show me hr mazahib se wabista log shirkat krte he , so should be care full next time ,
    Taimoor we want your apologize , nd again you should be involve Pawan Kumar in game show.
    Ms: Sami Khan
    If show running on Islamic general knowledge so don’t give the passes of games to non muslims.

  4. He could better adress the man by saying like dear brother if u know the answer its great but if not some one else in the audience can reply to increase your knowledge.

  5. I think he needs to apologize for his attitude and behaviour. He is just showing his education and knowledge. This is not the way to judge others. Fame and name does not teach knowledge, ur behaviour is the only thing which teaches you and guide you.

  6. The way he said to the man it was so un professional and inappropriate , he should apologise.
    All the TV anchors sorry TV actress needs to take some training before they do the morning or Islamic live shows, so unprofessional.

  7. Mr. Danish Taimoor you should not have behaved like that with that non Muslim guy. Our religion teaches us to be polite on minorities. So embarrassing……….!

  8. Danish taimoor should have big heart and listen him whatever he answers and then correct him in nice way if he is wrong and appreciate if correct may be anon muslim is impressed by his behavior.islam spreads by peace ,love and tolearance .a way of preaching by all aulias.
    Anyhow plz tv channels dont make ignorant people HODS of islamiat , style beauty and glamour have no role in hikmat.

  9. I think he needs not to apologize. There is nothing to apologize.the person was non-muslim so how could he know about our religeous a muslim we also dont know about hindu there is nothing to be apologized.

  10. Well, it’s not a big deal. Atleast he didn’t insult anyone. People criticise everyone on small matters. So bad!

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