DG ISPR Trolls Bollywood’s Upcoming Film on The Balakot Airstrikes That Never Were

Asif Ghafoor lays the smackdown!

Asif Ghafoor

When it comes to fulfilling fantasies over reality, some people tend to believe the most absurd things to make themselves feel better. This is surely the case with Indian filmmakers Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Bhusan Kumar, who want to do a film on a real life event.

They have recently announced a film about the ‘real story’ of the Balakot airstrikes. They want to make a version that doesn’t reflect badly on India.

Indian media outlet NDTV decribes the film in these words:

The film is a ‘story that celebrates the accomplishments’ of the Indian Air Force.

The movie will be directed and written by director Abhishek Kapoor. 


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A real hero speaks up

General Asif Ghafoor, upon hearing the announcement, took to Twitter and expressed his thoughts and opinion on the subject.

He described the futile attempts of the Indian filmmakers as a: “dream that could only be fulfilled through Bollywood.

He elaborates on how clueless Bollywood is regarding the strike that never was:

“With due respect to WC Abhinandan as a soldier, yes the dream could only be fulfilled through Bollywood. Denial of sham strike on 26 Feb and wreckage of 2 IAF jets shot by PAF on 27 Feb will haunt you despite that. Film on Balakot airstrike and Abhinandan,”

More to come

Vivik Oberoi has also announced to make a film on IAF wing  commander Abhinandan Varthaman, Balakot – The True Story.

Yes, that Abhinandan!

                                                         The tea is fantastic, thank you! 

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Similarly, Pakistani actor Shamoon Abbasi has also announced his plans to make a comedy film about Abhinandan.


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  1. Indians can make movies only.
    Poor chaps.
    In my opinion Pakistan should decide once for all so that this daily ” chik chik” comes to an end.
    We are not afraid of death or loosing our prosperity.Actual life is the hereafter

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